Tuesday, August 14, 2018

All-time NorCal Cross Country Team (Boys and Girls)

Over the past few years, we have had some of the best distance runners in NorCal history. If we were to go back in history and choose the top 10 Cross Country runners (boys and girls), who would make the cut? What do you consider most important when it comes to making your selections? Times? Championships? Durability? National success? State Championships? Post high school success? What else?

To make that task a bit easier, here is a link with all the previous NorCal Cross Country teams that date back to 1976. If you scroll down a bit further, you will get to see more runners that date back to 1953. 


Dan said...

I will just go by those I have seen run: Boys: German Fernandez, Harold Kuphaldt, Luis Grijalva, Michael Vernau, Mark Mastalir, Cooper Teare, Eric Mastalir, Matt Farley, Jay Marden, Rich Kimball (didn't see him run, but his numbers speak for themselves).

Girls: Fiona O'Keeffe, Amber Trotter, Julia Stamps, Maddy Denner, Sara Bei, Elena Denner, Laurynn Chetela, Cate Ratliff, Kristen Gordon, Morgan Coonfield.

Anonymous said...

Jay Marden, only Nor Cal Footlocker National Champ has to be on the list.

Anonymous said...

@3:23 has a great list but leaves out Calvin Gaziano (on other lists) but one harrier who is missing on many lists is Matt Giusto. He was a 2-time CCS cross country champion, ran the 8th fastest time at Crystal Springs (14:40) and won the Footlocker National Championship (Kinney) at Balboa park in 14:54 which remained in the top 10 all time fastest for 20+ years. Not to mention his post high school career which easily is puts him in the category of one of the greatest California distance runners all time.

Anonymous said...

Jason Balkman should also get consideration. 4 time CCS champ, State D1, Western Region Footlocker, and CIF 3200 champ as a senior. Sub 15 on both Crystal and Woodward. Great college career at Stanford, and just missed an Olympic 10,000M birth if I remember.

Steve Palladino said...

I like Dan's list above. However, I would put Mitch Kingery on that list. 6 of top 21 all time times on Crystal Springs, including 14:28. http://lynbrooksports.prepcaltrack.com/ATHLETICS/XC/cryat_bi.htm

Anonymous said...

Balkman and Giusto are excellent picks as they had great XC seasons, Teare and Vernau while rocking it during track, in cross there seasons don't compare to the Foot Locker nationals races of Balkman and Giusto, IMHO of course :-)
Different era's are hard to compare.

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