Monday, May 28, 2018

Club Teams dilemma for high school pilots

An interesting article that I found in the rabbit hole aka from 1978. Still an issue to this day with club coaches poaching athletes from good coaches with the promise of fast times and college scholarships. 

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Anonymous said...

Didn't Augie Argabright become this super well-respected long time coach at San Jose State? The girls he coached are still legendary names in CCS. A number of athletes who made the State Meet this year in the 800 from CCS went to different schools but were coached by the same person who is very well-respected and a great guy. What if you are a talented distance runner, your high school track coach only knows sprints so tells you to run 2-3 miles each day and there is no distance coach? Do you let your talent go to waste and start training for the 4x1 since your high school didn't hire a coach for your discipline or do you seek out someone who can help you achieve your goals?

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