Monday, April 02, 2018

Recap of Stanford Invitational

Includes a recap of Clayton Valley's Aiden Jackman and his three victories at the meet including a national leading 52.18 400m hurdles victory.


Anonymous said...

Some great performances at the Stanford Invitational. Really impressed by Alex Scales and Mari Friedman, though they didn't win everything, they both ran at least 3 races by my count (DMR, 1,600, 4x400). Fierce competitors who I am looking forward to seeing throughout the rest of the season. I saw a lot of complaints on here during the run up to the meet. As someone who was there from the first race to the last, my only complaint was some of the multi-heat races. It was sometimes hard to tell which was the fast heat and why people got put in to certain heats. With the Arcadia notifications not coming out until Saturday night, I think it shows how challenging putting together something like these meets can be and really makes you thankful for meets like Dublin that run like clockwork and really keep the focus on the competitors.

Albert Caruana said...

That's been one of the complaints about the Stanford Invite in the past in that the heats are based solely on the entry times and in some cases, the best athletes do not race each other.

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