Friday, April 06, 2018

Arcadia Invitational Live Webcast

You can watch the entire meet at this LINK. You can also find links to the live results as well as accepted entries and heats. 

Feel free to chime in during the next two days on some of the top performances by Northern California athletes.


Anonymous said...

Saw heat 1 of the boys 4x400 live and I was shocked at the finish. Does anyone think this deserves more than a DQ?

Watch the finish, you can start at 3:25 of the video to catch it. Granite bay was DQ'd for interference, but I think more needs to happen. Anyone agree?

I know these are HS students and we need to be careful what we say, but I think this deserves some discussion.

A Concerned Parent

Anonymous said...

You think more needs to happen? Looked to me the runner accidentally clipped the leader. They were running hard at the end of their lap. It didn't appear to me intentional nor egregious in any way. I think a DQ warranted probably, but I've seen similar w/o even a DQ. I don't think more needs to happen. Why do you think more and what more do you want?

Anonymous said...

I saw it live and an elbow was thrown. Watch the video again, it was intentional.

Albert Caruana said...

From my perspective, I don't see anything intentional. You have two athletes heading toward the finish line and when one passes the other, there is some contact. You can make the point that he should not have touched him so a DQ seems fair enough for me.

Anonymous said...

With the entire track available and clearly having the momentum and distance to make the pass and win, it's hard to understand why he would be so close to the other athlete unless he was specifically trying to make contact. The audible gasp from the crowd and reaction of the official is also very telling.

Maybe what needs to happen is he needs to learn how to run in a straight line?

Anonymous said...

Watched this two dozen times. The point of contact is hard to discern. GB runner's arm appears to be going back, when LB runner's arm is going forward. GB has long arms, runs with wide elbows. He was running a straight line, so that argument is a non sequitur. The crowd's gasp is typical in this type of situation when a runner is close too falling, so that cannot be attributed to a purported intentional contact.

The only fault lies with the GB runner. He didn't need to run/pass in the same lane. To do so means he could risk contact and be DQ'd, and...that's what happened.

Had a girl on the final lap in the 3200 break to the front. The girl she passed turned it on in turn four and ran straight into her right side, full body contact. She went down, got up, sprinted through the whole pack and came in 2nd tenths behind the intentional body slammer. This was a section championship race and no DQ.

The DQ that occurred in this relay was more than enough.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see anything intentional. The GB runner seemed to have tunnel vision and was oblivious to fact he was splitting a lane without enough clearance. He looked back seemingly in surprise that he tangled with the LB runner. He absolutely deserved the DQ, no question. I didn't see anything more sinister going on.

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