Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Top 10 NorCal girls' teams returning from 2015 California State Cross Country Meet

1) Davis (SJS) Return 5 out of top 7 with 3 sub 18 girls at Woodward Park. 2nd place NXN (Maggie McManis photo above).
2) Aptos (CCS) Also return 5 of their top 7 as defending Division III state champions.
3) Monte Vista (NCS) Return 2-5 with senior Meredith Corda taking over lead role.
4) Granada (NCS) Lose top 2 but next five were freshmen with impressive track seasons.
5) San Ramon Valley (NCS) Top 5 all back led by talented Tavella twins.
6) Homestead (CCS) Top 6 back led by junior Elena Kamas.
7) Santa Cruz (CCS) Lose NorCal runner of the year Cate Ratliff but still plenty loaded.
8) St. Francis (CCS) Consistent contender led by senior Emily Skahill.
9) St. Francis, Sacramento (SJS) Gets major boost from freshman Isabella Fauria.
10) Redwood (NCS) Very strong up front but will need to replace 4 graduated seniors from lineup.

Who are the incoming freshmen that will have the biggest impact on the teams above or other teams on the cusp? Who improved the most during the just completed Track and Field season? What teams are going to challenge for podium spots at the 2016 CA XC state meet? Who are the teams that should or could break into the top 10?

Boys will be posted next...


Runninfool said...

FYI...the correct spelling is McManis.

Anonymous said...

Albert, don't you usually put out a list of freshmen so we can see who is coming in and where they are going? If so, when does that come out. A lot of us are interested in the possible immediate impact these increasingly good NorCal freshmen can have on their team.

Anonymous said...

Before we get to the incoming freshmen, let's take a look back at last year's crop: D'orfani, Bells (some smart guy last year said he "would never contribute" but Ross will be one of the 7 going into fall); Saul, Palo Alto (big improvement on the track, will be a scorer in the fall); Colonna, St. Francis (top 3200 freshman in Norcal,will be top 2 on team in fall); Ma, Homestead (top 1600 CCS freshman, will be top 2 on team in fall); Chris Anderson, SLV (top 800 CCS freshman, will be the leader of his XC team this fall). Not a bad crop for 2015-16. What can we look forward to for the 2016-17 season?

Anonymous said...

@6:22 I would add Sam Lavorato, Palma to the list. 4:30.14, 9:42.85, and 16:08 5k at Stanford. He will be the top of his XC team in the fall. Yet another 2015-16 freshman in a leadership role next year. Is this one of the top freshman classes ever?

pmccrystle said...

I think you should add Thomas Padilla, also from Palma to that list of top frosh ( well done coach Cornejo!), and Jake Alt from Pacific Grove...quite a good year for frosh in the CCS! And, Liam Anderson (Redwood-NCS) ran 4:19 as a frosh!!!

Anonymous said...

Good adds Coach McCrystle. Anyone else? Where do they rank as a group in recent history? Who is in the next class that can compete at the same level next year and where are they going to school?

Anonymous said...

Oakmont HS in Roseville has an impressive Junior, Alize Hartke, keep an eye on her.

Anonymous said...

Miranda, Beaudoin-Rousseau, Scales, Walker, Estella were very similar class just the year before and all had good improvements as Sophs as well. CCS going to be tough next couple yrs

Anonymous said...

2014-15 was good but 2015-16 CCS frosh are slightly better. No doubt they will be going at it for the next 2 years.

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