Sunday, June 12, 2016

Golden West Invitational results

You can find them at this LINK. The two most impressive marks of the competition were Reonna Collier's 13.82 in the 100 meter hurdles, Cassie Ackemann's 5'8" in the high jump and Erika Malaspina 13'6" in the pole vault.

This used to be one if not the premier post season meets in the nation. You can check out the meet records at the following link:


Anonymous said...

See Reonna Collier entered in the Golden West winning the HH and 2nd in the 100. Still listed as living in Vacaville. Some of the year is confusing. Rylee Bowen in the 800 listed as year '8'. What does this mean? See some with year '14 thru 16'. What is this?? The meet is nothing like before.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that Reonna Collier is still competing (and still competing at a high level!). I was surprised/disheartened when she apparently didn't compete for Vacaville this year. I know she had to sit out the prior season due to transferring schools. I hope all is well in her world.

Anonymous said...

Reonna Collier had to sit out moving from San Jose to Vacaville? When is a transfer not a transfer and just considered a move (wuth no sit out period)?

Anonymous said...

6:18 PM. I thought Reonna has already missed 2 years of Track after leaving Piedmont Hills but she is listed as a year 10. Just think if she does run for Vacaville HS can you imagine her and Jurnee Woodward. Talk about hurdling City!

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