Wednesday, June 01, 2016

California State Track and Field Meet Previews

State Meet Preview (Running and Field)
Running Events Meet Preview can be found at this LINK. (NEW)
Field Events Meet Preview can be found at this LINK(NEW)

State Meet Forecast
The current forecast for the CA state meet is for highs of 106 on Friday and 105 on Saturday. With 5pm and 6pm starts respectively on both days, the temperatures will be lower at that time but plan for hot weather. 

NorCal State Contenders
There will definitely be multiple state meet favorites from Northern California. At this point, who are those athletes and teams who are considered favorites? Who are the athletes in contention for a podium finish? Who is ready to really rock it this coming weekend to surprise the field?


Anonymous said...

Wondering what time 1600 will run on June 3? Hopefully there will be consideration given for running these events at a later time due to heat.

Albert Caruana said...

Schedule is still set as posted.

Anonymous said...

Wondering what time 1600 will run on June 3? Hopefully there will be consideration given for running these events at a later time due to heat.

Anonymous said...

4 years ago it was 106 and there was no change. It's not about times, race for place. Slow down.

Anonymous said...

There is too much invested in this meet for the powers that be to do anything but say the show must go on. A lot of sprinters prefer the heat, but for races 400m and up, it's going to be brutal. My guess is that 800s, 1600s and 3200s will very much be kickers races with nobody willing to risk blowing up by going fast early. Hang as long as you can and then kick.

Jackson8or said...

I'm looking forward to seeing my boy Cooper show them who's boss!

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." -Steve Prefontaine

Anonymous said...

Last time it was 106:
Girls 1600 - 4:42
Boys 1600 - 4:08

Girls 800 - 2:05
Boys 800 - 1:51

Girls 3200 - 10:12
Boys 3200 - 9:03

Not blazing fast but no one collapsed or near the carnage of the xc meet held in 60 degrees.

Anonymous said...

Here's some data from a weather station in Clovis, California. The data is quite similar to the data from the station at Fresno airport:

6:20 is the time for the Girls 1600m final, 9:20 for the Boys 3200m final.

The warmest for a Boys 3200m final was 87 in 2014.

Two days following last year's state meet it hit 108 degrees in Fresno and it was 95 at 6:20 p.m.

Right now the forecast appears to be 107 this Saturday and 103 for the Girls 1600, 90 for the Boys 3200m. Last year on the June 8 date, it was 95 at 6:20.

It would seem the Friday 1600m trials have a greater potential for problems, since it will have 61 runners competing under very hot conditions, many from cooler areas of the state and not used to this.
year date high temp at 6:20 temp at 9:20
2009 June 6 80 77 69
2010 June 5 96 94 84
2011 June 4 64 64 60
2012 June 2 97 95 81
2013 June 1 100 99 82
2014 June 7 100 98 87
2015 June 6 93 90 79
2015 June 8 108 104 95
2016 June 4 107 103 90

Anonymous said...

Well, here is my $0.02 regarding races/NorCal runners I'm excited to see:

Girls 800m
* Alysa Brewer of California High. I'd love to see her perform well against the SoCal speedsters (including the defending state champ). She's only a sophomore, so this might be her first of multiple trips to Clovis in the coming years.

Girls 1600m
* I think Rylee Bowen of Sonoma Academy will be battling the defending champ Amanda Gehrich for the win. I'd love to see Brooke Starn AND Meredith Corda of St. Francis run great times and end up on the podium.

Girls 3200m
* I'm especially interested in a potential battle between Fiona O'Keeffe and Destiny Collins for the win. A re-match of sorts of last year's race. I'd love to see Morgin Coonfield and Megan McCandless and a healthy Cate Ratliff run some great times.

Those will be the races I'll be especially tuned into. Congratulations and Best Wishes to all of the NorCal athletes making the trip to Clovis!

Anonymous said...

I have run a lot of races in high heat along with high humidity, and I've always thought that races of 1600 or shorter aren't affected at all. The races are over too fast for heat build-up to be a real issue. Throw in the fact that Clovis is dry and the dew point is still below 50, and it's really not going to be THAT bad. 3200 will be impacted some for sure, but again not terribly. It's only one data point, but the times posted above from the last time it was 106 degrees bear this out. Don't worry!

Anonymous said...

You do know it's been above 90 degrees every year the meet has been in Clovis, nothing new.

Anonymous said...

High temps are one thing. Scorching Sun with high temps is another. Thankfully they pushed out the start times a little.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to everyone competing at State!

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