Thursday, December 24, 2015

CCS parade set for Jan. 10 (Half Moon Bay)

A parade for the Half Moon Bay cross country team (and football team) for winning CCS. How many other cross country teams got a parade for winning their section?


Anonymous said...

Let's be honest. This is for football. Out of political correctness XC is allowed to be there too.
How many parades did they have for their other XC titles?

Albert Caruana said...

No question. I am sure there would be no parade without the football team winning CCS.

Anonymous said...

This should be mandatory for all XC CCS wins. Call it the title IX for CCS disrespected HS sports. Little do most people know but XC kids work harder than anyone else. On par with the other "suffer" sports of wrestling and swimming.

Anonymous said...

Goof for these kids getting some recognition. I went to a HS football game with my son and some of his cross country teammates earlier this year. We started commenting on how Cross Country would be if it was treated like football. A couple that I recall...
1. When on your home course for a meet, you run through a giant inflatable tunnel to the starting line.
2. You would have a coach for every aspect of your running (Hill Coach, Speed Coach, Hydration Coach, Nutrition Advisor, Assistant Speed Coordinator, Clipboard Holder and Headset Wearer.
3. A member of the school's student body would be tasked with delivering bottles of water to runners in need.
4. Cheerleaders
5. Runners would work themselves in to a frenzy prior to the starting gun going off (Oh wait, that's kind of how things already go).
6. Runners would get little school mascot stickers for doing good stuff ("Ran that hill really good! Only crashed a little bit after going out way too fast. Almost made the podium).
7. There would be rallies for the Cross Country team's "Rival Meet" even if they were a mediocre team.
8. Runners would wear their singlets around school on meet days to remind everyone how cool they were.

There were a ton more that I can't recall.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Our girls were barely even get acknowledged for being 2nd in State. :(

Coach Tim said...

As a member of a past HMBHS CCS Champion XC team, I can confirm that no parade was thrown for us.

I also think it's a dis that they mention it's football's second title, but fail to mention how many CCS titles XC has won (It's eight each for boys and girls, though I only looked back as far as 1990).

But, good for them. At least one champion team is going to be treated to a hero's celebration.

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