Tuesday, December 15, 2015

All-CCS Cross Country Team

http://lynbrooksports.prepcaltrack.com/ATHLETICS/XC/2015/all_ccs.htm (Includes runners of the year, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, honorable mention and grade runners of the year).


Anonymous said...

How is this different from the all-everything team you teased on 12/12/15? Is that still coming out?

Albert Caruana said...

If you are talking about the NorCal team, that will come out after Christmas once all the votes are added up by Hank Lawson.

Anonymous said...

I thought I had the formula down for these lists but now I am just confused. The earlier lists put a lot, if not all of the emphasis on the state meet. If you had a good race, you are in, a bad one and forget it. When I started looking deeper into the All-CCS list however, the pattern is less clear. First, it looks like the 24 guys on the three lists came from the top 30 on Walt's comparison list and rightfully so. So who got in and who was left out? There are 2 guys that made the HM list that didn't make it to state and 1 that qualified but did not run. There are 3 additional guys who were beaten by the top freshman at state, one of which was beaten by the top 2 freshman (neither made the list of 24). In the CCS final, the top freshman on the day beat 7 of the 10 HM guys, 3 of whom were beaten by the second ranked freshman as well. Of the 2nd team choices, the top freshman on the day beat 3 of the 7 guys at CCS, and the other freshman beat 5 of the 7 at state. There is one guy on the HM list that was beaten by both freshmen in both races. So the question is - what gets someone on this list? Overall season, CCS, State, Seniority? Like I said, I thought I had it figured out but this one just got me scratching my head.

Hank said...

Can't speak for the Mercury News, they pick their list, we only supplied input. As for the 6 of us that picked the All-CCS team... as I said in an earlier post on this, everyone had their own criteria, everyone got one vote, majority rules. Just wait till the All-NorCal list comes out - there are 14 voters this year so that means 14 different ways to look at the selection, should be fun.


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