Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 CCS Distance State Meet Contenders

Here is what I have so far.  Remember only top 3 qualify to the CA state Track and Field meet unless you make the 2016 At-Large Time Standards.  Additions?  Changes?  Comments?

Girls 800m.
The favorites:  Mari Friedman Santa Cruz ('15 state meet qualifier)
Threats: Annalisa Crowe Menlo Atherton, Brianna Bilter St. Ignatius, Kelly Bishop Monta Vista
Wildcards:  JJ Escalera Fremont, Marisa Villegas San Benito, Anaya Ward Santa Cruz, Anna Christjansen Los Gatos

Boys 800m.
The favorite:  Benjamin Micallef Bellarmine
Threats:  Raul Barraza North Salinas, Alex Liebscher Pioneer, Rico Baxter St. Francis CC
Wildcards:  Marcus Avila Bellarmine, Ben Williams Burlingame, Kevin Anawalt Los Altos

Girls 1600m.
The favorite:  Gillian Meeks Gunn (defending section champion)
Threats:  Marisa Villegas San Benito, Elana Kamas Homestead, Marea Zlatunich Aptos
Wildcards: Kelly Bishop Monta Vista, Abbey Meck San Lorenzo Valley, Emily Janiczek St. Ignatius, Gia Kim St. Francis

Boys 1600m. 
The favorite: Kent Slaney Palo Alto
Threats: Luke McCartney Scotts Valley, Elijah Changco San Benito
Wildcards: Justin Robison Lynbrook, Alex Scales Bellarmine, Ben Zaeske Los Altos, Matt Richardson Bellarmine

Girls 3200m.
The favorite:  Cate Ratliff Santa Cruz (defending section champion)
Threats: Gillian Meeks Gunn, Niki Iyer Harker, Matti Peoples Aptos
Wildcards: Julia Lemak Mitty, Emily Skahill St. Francis, Lauren Jacob Los Altos, Caroline Gee Cupertino, Lindsay Allen Homestead

Boys 3200m.
The favorite: Justin Robison Lynbrook
Threats: Nolan Dozier Sobrato, Roman Munoz King City, Xander Olivero St. Francis
Wildcards: Graham Faust Half Moon Bay, Elijah Changco San Benito, Meika Beaudoin-Rousseau Bellarmine, Robert Miranda Menlo, Kevin Lehr St. Ignatius, John Ross Scotts Valley

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Anonymous said...

Richardson from Bellarmine should definitely be a wild card for the mile

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain the point system at the CCS meet and if frosh/soph points count toward the total? If not, why do they run F/S races?

Albert Caruana said...

There is no F/S competition at the CCS level. The reason they have F/S races throughout the season and at league final competitions is to give those kids an opportunity to compete.

Anonymous said...

What is the big race for F/S? Is it still Top 8? How do they qualify? Why are the J/S boys so much faster then the F/S kids? It doesn't work that way as much on the girl's side.

Anonymous said...

@2:49 is this a serious post?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am serious. My kid is new to track this year and pretty fast but looking at the junior and senior boy times he is going to have to wait to make it to the CCS. I just wanted to know what he has to look forward to for the next 2 years as a F/S.

Anonymous said...

My son was pretty good frosh last yr. track is tough because no divisions. Ccs top 8 and if fast enough in league ccs semis are big meets. If a very fast miler, maybe qualify for Arcadia rising stars mile - but even that is mainly Sophs. Boys just mature more and get stronger in hs so times faster generally as they age. Girls tend to mature sooner so generally not as much improvement on some if they have already matured physically.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. How do they F/S boys qualify for the top 8 and Arcadia type events?

Anonymous said...

I googled and found an old Arcadia doc that said 4:30 mile to qualify. Ccs top 8 I found a doc on lynbrook that said 4:35/10:08. I don't know if that is accurate for this year. Also, I think Arcadia has max entries so time may need to be faster. I am sure more on this forum can give more accurate info.

Anonymous said...

Note. Above is f/s Arcadia qualify only. Not the other races which have lower qualify times.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:49.
It's tough to say what the BIG meet will be for a F/S boy. If by big you mean lots of runners, it really depends on the invitationals your coach chooses for the team. There is K-Bell early in the season. TOP 8 for the mid-season. Stanford and St. Francis too. Arcadia is big for SoCal. Some schools will make the trek.

If by big you mean most important, then your league meet is the one. If your son is good enough to run varsity at the league meet, he will have a chance to advance to CCS.

Last year it was noted that a few freshman in FS league races ran faster times than some CCS qualifiers in other leagues. ie League A runner qualifies at 4:30 vs League B FS runner runs 4:25. Let's not rehash that debate. You can read the posts from the end of last year if you like.

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