Sunday, November 30, 2014

What it took to win the CA state XC meet in each division

The first split is for the first mile. The 2nd split is the approximate 2nd mile split based on time posted as 2nd split. The last split time is for a distance just a bit short of a mile.

Division I Boys: 14:58 Sorry no splits
Division I Girls: 16:57 (5:05.9)(5:46.3)(5:30.9)

Division II Boys: 15:07 (4:50.4)(5:06.9)(4:39.0)
Division II Girls: 17:22 (5:22.0)(5:51.9)(5:33.0)

Division III Boys: 15:09 (4:52.4)(4:56.2)(4:50.9)
Division III Girls: 17:35 (5:29.2)(5:57.5)(5:32.6)

Division IV Boys: 15:05 (4:35.7)(5:03.1)(4:55.9)
Division IV Girls: 17:35 (5:19.9)(5:54.3)(5:45.5)

Division V Boys: 14:59 (4:50.0)(4:59.9)(4:39.2)
Division V Girls: 18:36 (5:31.9)(6:21.5)(6:04.5)


Anonymous said...

Are these actual mile splits or splits taken from the timing mat at 2.15 miles and then the finish line at 3.1?

Albert Caruana said...

I used the splits from the timing mat. If the mat is at the mile mark, then the 2nd split should be with a mile to go. I divided 2nd split by 1.1 for a rough estimate of 2nd mile.

It's not perfect but can give you a rough idea of the 3 splits.

Anonymous said...

Wow two different races closed in 4:39... that's fast. Also- D1 girls went out hard!

Anonymous said...

The timing mat is placed so the last mile is 0.95 to go. The starting line is closer than the finish line.

The timing mat is at about 3450 meters making the last mile split short.

Albert Caruana said...

Thanks for the clarification. The above are not perfect mile splits but I think can give you a pretty good estimate of the paces for the 10 state champions.

Anonymous said...

what happened to Leach?

Albert Caruana said...

This was in article in today's Contra Costa Times
"Leach fell back from the leaders in the final mile and was not a scorer for Campolindo. She said afterward she was diagnosed in the last month with vocal cord dysfunction, which causes asthma-like symptoms."

Anonymous said...

Not trying to start any trouble, but I heard from people at about the 600m mark that she looked like she was in great pain, but it seemed more like a hamstring issue than asthma. At the finish line it didn't look like she was very out of breath, rather frustrated and hurt. This could be wrong though.

Anonymous said...

"Not trying to start any trouble, but" - famous last words.

With vocal cord dysfunction, there is a breathing technique that can be used to normalize breathing which I am sure she attempted. Two years ago, my child was evaluated for the same issue. Leach's breathing may not have been asthma-like at the end of the race, because she may have gotten it under control by the end of the race, but unfortunately it probably took longer than she would have liked.

Not a Campo parent, but have watched this young lady run for a couple of years. She has had a great high school cross country career, and wish her the best with her college career.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it tough when your not the top dog on your team anymore.

Unknown said...

I am a high school xc coach and a Speech-Language Pathologist in a medical setting who treats vocal cord dysfunction. VCD is very real and probably under diagnosed condition and while its exact cause is not fully understood (and is likely multi-factorial) what happens physiologically during an episode is well documented. Think of your vocal cords as two muscles in the shape of a "v" which sit at the top of your trachea (windpipe). These muscles are open and relaxed when we breathe and closed during parts of our swallowing and speaking. During an episode of VCD, the vocal cords close, allowing only a small chink or fraction of space open for air to flow in and out. It is incredibly difficult for the person to breathe and they can experience a sensation similar to suffocation. It can be treated and managed well but does not respond to inhalers (which are often prescribed as it can look like an asthma attack).

From a coaching/personal perspective, I have had the pleasure of watching Brighie race for several years and interacted with her on a few occasions. She is an incredibly talented athlete and a bright and delightful young woman. Princeton is lucky to be getting her!

Anonymous said...

Boys D1 splits
4:46.1, 5:29, 4:43

Albert Caruana said...

Those must have just been posted. I will go back and figure out the approximate times. Remember, the 2nd split is longer than a mile so has to be adusted.

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