Friday, November 07, 2014

North Coast Section League Final Results

SCL (Saturday, November 8th at Spring Lake Park 3.05 mile course) NEW
SCL Results

WACC (Saturday, November 8th at Hayward HS 3.0 miles) NEW
WACC results

DFAL (Saturday, November 8th at Hidden Valley Park, 2/3 miles) NEW
DFAL Results

BCL West (Friday, November 7th at Golden Gate Park, 3.1 miles) NEW
BCL West Varsity Boys Results
BCL West Varsity Girls Results
BCL West JV Boys Results
BCL West JV Girls Results

EBAL (Friday, November 7th at Shadow Cliffs, 3 mile course) NEW
Varsity Boys Results
Varsity Girls Results
JV Boys Results
JV Girls Results
FS Boys Results
FS Girls Results

NBL (Friday, November 7th at Spring Lake Park, 3.05 mile course) NEW
NBL Results for all races

TCAL (Thursday, November 6th at Pt. Pinole, 3.0 mile course)
TCAL League Results

BVAL (Thursday, November 6th at Contra Loma Regional Park)
BVAL League Results

DVAL (Saturday, November 1st at Hidden Valley Park)
DVAL League Results


Anonymous said...

Anyone knows if chloe jenkins of SMB's whereabout? She hasnt run all yr. Injured?

Nils said...

Does anyone know the *true* length of the TCAL Varsity course at Pt. Pinole? I've seen 3 miles, 2.9 miles, 2.96 miles on various sites and I don't know which to believe. If anyone has a definitive number I'd be grateful to know.
Thanks in advance,

Albert Caruana said...

The course was measured at 3.0 miles before the meet.

Nils said...

Awesome, Albert! Thank you VERY much! I know the coaches and volunteers worked very hard to make the event great fun for all and I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Jenkins not running XC this season, Not Injured

Anonymous said...

Regarding Jenkins good to hear though the CC team will kiss her!

signed a SMB fan

Anonymous said...

Oops typo miss her

Anonymous said...

Why did Amador Valley run Sadie Grozier at the F/S level in EBAL? She would have placed 5th in VAR. They would have also won the title with her in the varsity division too.

Anonymous said...

WACC Results @ NCS course

Anonymous said...

In response to Anonymous at 1:09 PM: I heard they didn't run her because she will not be able to run at NCS due to a prior commitment

Anonymous said...

What could be more important than NCS?

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