Sunday, November 02, 2014

Diablo Valley Athletic League Championship results

DVAL League Championship Meet Results (Saturday, November 1st at Hidden Valley Park)
From Northgate coach, Peter Brewer
"Here are the championship results of the noble but diminutive DVAL.  Parker Burr of Concord broke open a close race in the last 300 meters, beating David Phair of College Park and Jake Egley of Northgate.  On the girls' side, Jamie Busby defended her 2013 individual title, shaking off Northgate's Megan Coyle in the last finish stretch.

In the team standings, the boys of College Park were able to break a three-way tie for first with a superior team grouping to outpoint Northgate.  The Northgate girls held off a strong College Park challenge to defend their team title."


Anonymous said...

"Diablo" vally???
Reallyyyy??? Can't these people come up with better names???

"Red devil, sun devil...etc" but WHY these names????

Anonymous said...

because these teams are in the valley at the base of beautiful Mt. Diablo. There is another league in the Valley athletic conference called in Diablo foothill athletic the foothills of Mt. Diablo. Seems perfectly normal to us!

Anonymous said...

ugh, sorry I haven't thought about hurting the feelings of those living there by saying this. There's really nothing that can be done about it anyway. BUT in the future, it'll be best if we stop naming things or places after a devil.

Peter Brewer said...

Hopefully not treading on any religious toes here, but Mt. Diablo was so named by the Franciscan fathers who were part of the Mexican colonization of California in the 1700's. As they, and their military escorts, were establishing the chain of missions that stretched from San Diego to Sonoma, they felt free to name the landmarks they came across. For them it was only natural to see a two-horned mountain and call it Mt. Diablo. And about 200 years later it was just as natural for one of the earliest high schools in the area, named after that mountain, to have as their mascot the Red Devils. If perhsps you think that this is some sort of endorsement of witchcraft or satanism, I hasten to assure you that your concern is unfounded.

Peter Brewer
Northgate High

another Walnut Creeker said...

Peter, thanks for the great history lesson!

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