Thursday, November 20, 2014

NCS MOC Cross Country Meet Preview

Please note that in the meet program which you can purchase at Saturday's meet, I made a couple of errors in the meet preview. Division II girls qualify two teams to the state meet (listed as 3) and Division IV girls qualify four teams to the state meet (listed as 3). I apologize for the errors. 

North Coast Section
November 22, 2014-Hayward High School
NCS/Les Schwab Cross Country Championships Race Schedule and Preview
RACE SCHEDULE (Same order as CA State Meet)
WALK THE COURSE 7:00am - 8:15am
8:30am  Division II Boys’ Race
9:00am  Division III Boys’ Race
9:30am  Division II Girls’ Race
10:05am  Division III Girls’ Race
10:40am  Division IV Boys’ Race
11:10am  Division V Girls’ Race
11:45am  Division I Boys’ Race
12:15pm  Division IV Girls’ Race
12:50pm  Division V Boys’ Race
1:20pm Division I Girls’ Race

Awards Schedule: (in the gymnasium)
10:00am  Division II Boys
10:20am  Division II Girls
10:40am  Division III Boys
11:00am  Division III Girls
11:20am  Division IV Boys
11:50am  Division V Girls
12:25pm  Division I Boys
12:55pm  Division IV Girls
1:30pm  Division V Boys
1:55pm Division I Girls

The State CIF/NCS Divisions are as follows:
Division I  2,040 and up
Division II  1,600 - 2,039
Division III  1,100 - 1,599
Division IV  500 - 1,099
Division V  499 or less

Division I
Girls - (Top 2 teams advance to state meet):
1. Monte Vista
2. Amador Valley
3. San Ramon Valley
4. Liberty
5. Dougherty Valley/James Logan

Boys - (Top 2 teams advance to state meet):
1. De La Salle
2. Monte Vista
3. Amador Valley
4. James Logan
5. Heritage

Division II 
Girls - (Top 2 teams advance to state meet):
1. Redwood
2. Maria Carrillo
3. Casa Grande
4. Granada/Northgate
5. College Park

Boys - (Top 3 teams advance to state meet): 
1. Granada
2. Maria Carrillo
3. Casa Grande
4. College Park
5. Dublin/Santa Rosa/Alameda

Division III 
Girls - (Top 4 teams advance to state meet):
1. Campolindo
2. Bishop O’Dowd
3.  Las Lomas
4. Tamalpais
5.  Miramonte

Boys - (Top 5 teams advance to state meet):
1. Campolindo
2. Bishop O’Dowd
3. Las Lomas
4. Miramonte
5. Analy/Acalanes

Division IV 
Girls - (Top 4 teams advance to state meet):
1. Piedmont
2. Arcata
3. Sir Francis Drake
4. St. Mary’s Berkeley
5. Justin Siena
6.  Marin Catholic/Cardinal Newman

Boys - (Top 4 teams advance to state meet):
1. San Rafael
2. Sir Francis Drake
3. Arcata
4. McKinleyville
5. St. Mary’s Berkeley/Piner/Justin Siena

Division V 
Girls - (Top 7 teams advance to state meet):
1. Branson
2. Sonoma Academy
3. Lick-Wilmerding
4. Urban
5. St. Joseph Notre Dame
6. University
7. Athenian/College Prep

Boys - (Top 5 teams advance to state meet):
1. St. Joseph Notre Dame
2. Lick-Wilmerding
3. Marin Academy
4. College Prep
5. Athenian/University
6. Roseland Prep/Sonoma Academy


Marty Beene said...

DII girls only send 2 to State, not 3....

Albert Caruana said...

Fixed. Thanks Marty.

Albert Caruana said...

And by the way, it was just a matter of time before NCS lost a state meet qualifying spot in Division II. The boys will more than likely lose theirs as well unless they can start to finish in the top 10 at state. Last year, the 3 NCS qualifying teams finished 13th, 20th and 21st at the state meet.

Marty Beene said...

You're probably right, Albert. BTW, during the past 5 years, there have been 17 different teams from the Southern Section that have finished in the top 10, with an average enrollment of over 2,300 students. There have been 2 from the NCS, including 1 that is now in D1. The average enrollment of the NCS D2 schools this year is 1,797. As a federation, the CIF allows each section to decide the enrollment limits for the top 3 divisions (is that right?). But for the purpose of determining how many schools from each section make it to State, maybe there should be some kind of apples to apples comparison? This seems like an issue that many have raised, but the system has stayed the same, so maybe the sections with smaller schools for any given division are destined to get fewer spots?

Albert Caruana said...

There has definitely been a problem before at the state meet with teams being pushed up to divisions they don't belong. Actually, Division IV and V teams were able to compete against similar sized schools but that has changed as well this year.

Mark my words, the SS will eat up most of the podium finishes this year. This could be a record setting season for them.

Anonymous said...

Why doesnt the award schedule follow the race schedule?

Anonymous said...

I am sure it is due to the fact that many coaches coach both boys and girls teams. The race times and awards are staggered so that a coach can be at both races, THEN be at both awards ceremonies...and for efficiency of time. If the awards were immediately following a race, the coach would miss the start time for their other (girls) races...or the ceremony.

Albert Caruana said...

That is the correct. The NCS meet schedule mirrors the state meet schedule and the races and award presentations are staggered so coaches and teams can focus on their races and not have to be at two places at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's going to be rainy and muddy like two years ago? Here's to safe and happy running for all the athletes.

Anonymous said...

It is very sad that the NCS D1 and D2 schools have to go to state and face considerably (50%) larger schools. Hopefully NCS will start paying attention to this and do something about it.

Or maybe CIF could insist SS break up into something more reasonable.

Nils said...

Anon 8:06 pm,
Yes it'll be rainy and muddy from rain since Wednesday. The fact that it's not supposed to rain (much) today (Friday) will make little difference. If anyone runs a course record it'll be a miracle!

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