Sunday, November 16, 2014

Scott Chisam and Jesse Corona

It takes a LOT of man/woman power to run a meet like yesterday's CCS meet at Toro Park. Congratulations for a well run meet under beautiful conditions. There are many people that are responsible for the success meet including the two gentlemen below.

Scott Chisam (below seated and picture to right courtesy of school site) was the meet announcer (also Harker XC/TF coach and USATF official). His wife, Roberta Chisam, is also one of the top XC and TF coaches in our section. Scott did a tremendous job keeping everybody abreast of every race so even though you may not have been able to see the lead pack, you know what was going on. An announcer is always a great addition to any cross country meet and Scott is definitely one of the best.
The second person is Jesse Corona (aka Flag Man). Jesse is a tireless worker who is a familiar face from all the Los Gatos and section meets. He has waved his ever-present flag at 126 Cross Country meets as well as 557 Track and Field meets. He is always up for conversation so say hello next time you see him working a meet.

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