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Longest run in high school?

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What are your PRs and how far was your longest run?


Anonymous said...

You did us coaches a disservice by promoting this website tonparents and athletes. While there is a RARE gem the message board is utter trash. Now we will have our athletes trusting in the idiots of letsrun rather than their coaches.

Steve Palladino said...

To my interpretation, Albert is hardly "promoting" the website. Instead, it appears he is simply carrying over a question worth asking to his own website.

I would agree that internet forums, regardless of source, may have more or less misinformation. However, is censorship really the answer that you (meaning "us coaches") prefer?

Anonymous said...

@10:25am, that's pretty rough. I think Albert's site is completely different from Letsrun in terms of misinformation. Calling it utter trash is pretty ridiculous, and I'm guessing there must be some previous hostility for some reason? RARE gem? I find a large percentage of the material on this website very useful and worthwhile reading material.

So the real question is, why are you really mad?

Anonymous said...

I wrote the last post (@5:09) and I'm going to continue.

When I was in high school, I had PR's in the high 4:20's and around 9:50. My longest run in high school was 12 miles (in the summer), and longest mileage week was 70 miles (in the summer). During the season, the mileage was way lower, although I do believe that the mileage during the season should be just as high as in the summer.

I wrote that because I want to bring up the fact that this post could not possibly hurt anyone. If a kid's longest run has only been 9 miles to this point, he is not all of a sudden going to think he is doing something wrong, or think that his coach is making wrong decisions for him. I believe the majority of athletes can already understand by seeing the diversity on their own team that different people train in different ways, or run different distances each day, or do slightly or completely different workouts. There is nothing wrong with discussing the differences.

Perhaps this type of discussion helps people formulate their own opinions / beliefs? Isn't that a good thing? Or are you a coach and you already believe you've done a bad job, so you are worried about what your kids read on the Internet?

Anonymous said...

I was the OP. I was speaking of the letsrun message board being mostly trash. This site is great, though some posters here seem to have a similar tone to their messages.

I stand by my original statement and will clarify: the letsrun message board is not where I would want my kids getting their running information from.

Albert Caruana said...

No offense taken here. This is not the first time I have linked to something on letsrun. I am sure parents and athletes have or will find letsrun with or without my help. There is a lot of great information as well as well as nonsense and just like life, you have to take the good and discard the rest.

Anonymous said...

Longest run is in the summer - 90 minutes, about 14 miles - on trails in the hills.

Michael Williams said...

PR's : 4:25 and 9:35
Longest run: 15 miles

Anonymous said...

17 miles, but most "long" runs were in the range of 9-11 miles. I would most definitely not recommend a 17 mile run to many high school kids.

Anonymous said...

Geeze...longest run? When I was a freshman, once I remember running two laps around our school. That was a whole mile!

And I used to go out in the field and run two or three laps there which picked me up to at least one and a half miles.

But when I was a senior at the beginning of the season we had gone out to the beach and the coach made us run way down to a particular point and back. It was two miles! I thought I was going to guy and one guy puked.

But then again, we were all football players!! Never ran in high school. Gotcha!

As for, I don't worry about it. Quite frankly, if the kids are reading other articles, advice, it is not going to affect my training program, but it sparks more interest in their minds. Now, if I am a crappy coach and the kids have no respect for me...then that's another story, and I might get a little worried they might wanna replace me.

Do you job, have a plan, know what you are talking about, and coach. Don't worry about the small stuff.

That's my anonymous opinion, and I stand by it! :)

Anonymous said...

*going to die* ha

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