Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cross Country Course maps

I know we are very close to the start  of the Track and Field season but here is something to keep in mind for next Cross Country season in regards to course maps.

Jesuit HS coach Walt Lange has done some incredible work when it comes to several California Cross Country courses.  You can check out his handy work at the following link:

You can only check out the following visual tour of the Crystal Springs course but will need to have google earth on your computer:

Finally, here is his latest project with recording the courses with a GoPro:

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Nils said...

I think recording courses with a GoPro is a great idea; nothing substitutes for walking or running a course, but a video would be the next best thing if you've never seen it before running it. And of course, we owe thanks to coach Lange for putting in the work!

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