Monday, January 07, 2013

2013 Southern Section Distance Races State Meet Contenders

The top 6 qualify to the state meet from the Southern Section unless you can qualify by surpassing the 2013 At-Large Time Standards.  Additions?  Changes?  Comments?

Girls 800m.
The favorite:  Kiara McIntosh Paloma Valley
Threats:  Amber Gore Redondo Union HS, Briana Fonseca Vista del Lago HS
Wildcards:  Ashlyn Rambo Mater Dei HS, Jackie Crowther Linfield Christian HS, Rebecca Morales Indio HS, Sara Kebede San Clemente HS, Chandler Kerr Chaparral HS, Kayla Ferron Redondo Union

Boys 800m.
The favorite:  Brett Moultan Santiago HS
Threats:  Omar Solis Vista Murrieta HS, David Manahan Westlake HS
Wildcards:  Josh Lewis Loyola HS, Kyle Medina Ventura HS, Dustin Herold Redondo Union HS

Girls 1600m.
The favorite:  Sarah Baxter Simi Valley HS
Threats:  Megan Huebner La Quinta HS, Bathan Knights Northwood HS, Cara Ulizio Redondo Union HS
Wildcards:   Kylie Nishisaka Marina HS, Sydney Segal Beverly Hills HS, Melissa Fairchild Serrano HS, Marissa Scott Bonita HS

Boys 1600m.
The favorite:  Juan Gonzalez El Toro HS
Threats:  Evan Malone-White Redondo Union HS, Daniel De La Torre La Salle HS
Wildcards:  Porter Reddish Vista Murrieta, Garrett Corcoran Villa Park HS, Dillon Nobbs Bonita HS, Brandon Price St. Margaret HS

Girls 3200m.
The favorite:  Sarah Baxter Simi Valley HS
Threat: Samantha Ortega Saugus HS, Adeline Zerrenner Dos Pueblos HS, Paige Tennison Newport Harbor HS
Wildcards:  Alana Jones Laguna Hills HS, Sydney Segal Beverly Hills HS, Ashley Helbig Great Oak HS, Veronica Yamane Arcadia HS.

Boys 3200m.
The favorite:  Estevan De La Rosa Arcadia HS
Threats:  Daniel De La Torre La Salle HS, Mitchell Pratt Arcadia HS, Bryan Fernandez Dos Pueblos HS
Wildcards:  Myles Smith St. John Bosco HS, Omar Caro Norte Vista HS, AJ Yarnall Saugus HS, Brandon Price St. Margaret HS


NCS Miler said...

Are you going to make state rankings/predictions, since you've made rankings for most of the sections?

Albert Caruana said...

I have some more rankings to go but if I have the time, I can post state meet rankings as well. If anybody would like to start it up, feel free to do so in the comment section here.

BetOnIt said...

Very easy - all Southern Section favorites are State Meet favorites. Only exception is if Blake Haney is healthy he becomes favorite in the race he runs (1600 or 3200).

Kieran Perez said...

John Lawson is without a doubt a 3200m threat. When ever you get 9th at nationals at Footlocker, you're well in contention.

Watch out for Connor Clark of University High School in the 1600m

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