Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yet one more NorCal Top 10 boys' list

Posted below in the comment section.  A terrific list by a visitor to this site:

This is just another random persons opinion... And before I start, apologies to those who I may have accidentally overlooked. 
1. Luis Luna (Piner) NCS
2. Kevin Bishop (Monta Vista) CCS
3. Thomas Joyce (Campolindo) NCS
4. Grant Foster (Los Gatos) CCS
5. Jordan Rushing (Del Campo) SJS
6. Parker Deuel (San Ramon Valley) NCS
7. Yohaness Estifanos (Milpitas) CCS
8. Peter Anthony (Cupertino) CCS
9. Adrian Hinojosa (Bellarmine) CCS
10. Trevor Fuhriman (Monte Vista) NCS

Jack Bordoni (Bellarmine) CCS
Trent Brendel (Granite Bay) SJS
Jamie Fehrnstrom (Miramonte) NCS
Richard Ho (Leland) CCS
John Lawson (Drake) NCS
Riley Ruppenthal (Ponderosa) SJS
Esteban Valencia (Bellarmine) CCS
Miguel Vasquez (Andrew P. Hill) CCS

Gabe Arias (St. Joseph) NCS
Vinson Compestine (Campolindo) NCS
Alex Conner (Sonoma Valley) NCS
Ryan Douglas (Petaluma) NCS
Aidan Goltra (Las Lomas) NCS
Sam Hales (King City) CCS
Jacob Huston (Center) SJS
Mitch Martin (Half Moon Bay) CCS
Tyler Mercado (Del Campo) SJS
Evan Molineux (De La Salle) NCS
Ciaran Murphy (St. Ignatius) CCS
Christian Pedro (Aragon) CCS
Kevin Poeteracke (Petaluma) NCS
Andrew Prior (Gunn) CCS
Connor Van Meter (De La Salle) NCS
Chris Waschura (Woodside) CCS - If he decides to run

I think the previous lists have been banking heavily on this past track season. Keep in mind, this is a cross country list. 

I believe the top 7 on most people's list will look the same. The 8-9-10 spots can be interchangeable with the people 
on the notables list. 

The sleepers list is more comprehensive. It acknowledges all those who had great 2010-2011 seasons and are people we should keep an eye on throughout the fall.


Andrew said...

I think this is pretty much as good as it gets. I'm sure many will squabble over who is where and what not, but overall its fair and with the sleepers notables, its hard for anyone to complain. Good job to Banjo.

In the meantime, I want NCS D1 rankings! lol take your time, Albert.

Kevin said...

Chris Waschura is doing cross, just so people know. I wouldn't be shocked to see him win D2, he really hates to lose. But Grant has better long distance credentials than Chris, so it should be a good race at CCS.

Anonymous said...

what about Jaime Silva from PIner?

Unknown said...

I like this format - e.g. top 10, notables and sleepers. Would be nice to use in other lists where appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Watch out, Connor Van Meter in particular is looking to shake this list up pretty seriously, 9:30 as a sophmore is no joke.

Louis Rodrigues said...

I would throw nick ratto in the list of sleepers, really nicely done though.

Andrew said...

Van Meter never ran 9:30 as a sophomore...right? He was a junior last year and ran 9:31...still a very good runner for a very good team, though.

Anonymous said...

people might have forgotten but last year fehrnstrom actually beat joyce at a center meet with a 15:30 at shadow cliffs I believe

Anonymous said...

Duncan Calvert SM 4:20 in the mile

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Tyler Hanson from Miramonte. He should be interesting to watch this fall.

Anonymous said...

alder faulkner should probably be added to the list of sleepers also

Anonymous said...

Connor Van Meter graduated.....

Banjo said...

Once again, I apologize for those who I may have missed... but 30 minutes into this list, I realized that the sleepers list could have gone 30, 40, maybe even 50 deep if I had sat there long enough.

So I figured I should just call it quits before the list got too long. Nothing against those who I missed, but my eyes were just getting tired from staring at the computer screen.

Andrew said...

Van Meter did graduate...milesplit needs to change that...

don't worry, Banjo. You did more than I was willing to. Its a good list.

Anonymous said...

Matt DeVries and Nolan Peterson both belong on the list of notables - they ran strong at NCS last year as sophomores...on a very, very muddy course Connor McCarthy belongs on the sleepers list after his great track season.

Anonymous said...

Sorry my bad, Connor was a junior last year, not a sophmore. Also McCarthy and Devries are indeed legit as aforementioned.

SJS Fan said...

Looks like a solid list and I agree the top 7 are in a class by themselves with the rest somewhat interchangeable. It is way to early to make any predictions but I think a few behind Luna well give him a run for his money.

Anonymous said...

Conner Van Meter from DLS was a senior last year and graduated.

Anonymous said...

Great list over all. I'd add Nick Ratto and Duncan Calvert to the list of sleepers due to their track seasons

Anonymous said...

In my opinion connor van meter really has what it takes to win the division 1 title, 9:30 as a sophomore is really good and I heard he has never even had substantial training before this summer. Watch out

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