Monday, July 11, 2011

NorCal's Top 10 boys cross country runners...

Posted below by an anonymous fan...

1) Luis Luna - Piner (NCS)
2) Kevin Bishop - Monta Vista (CCS)
3) Thomas Joyce - Campolindo (NCS)
4) Grant Foster - Los Gatos (CCS)
5) Johanness Estifanos - Milpitas (CCS) 
6) Parker Deuel - San Ramon Valley (NCS)
7) Miguel Vasquez - Andrew P. Hill (CCS)
8) Christian Pedro - Aragon (CCS)
9) Jack Bordoni - Bellarmine (CCS)
10) Adrian Hinojosa - Bellarmine (CCS)

Who is missing from the above list?  I know a couple of SJS runners were brought up.  Comments?  Who would lie to put together a girls' list?


Anonymous said...

Is the representing all of Norcal..or just NCS & CCS? Not knowing SJS or NO or even SFS or OAK would there being any from these sections be in the top 10 list? Just asking....

Anonymous said...

Yea, this would be all of Nor-Cal. I'm not that familiar with SJS or NO but I do know that no one from SF or Oak would be on this list.

Anonymous said...

stop hatin because ncs is raw

Unknown said...

OK - here is an attempt at top 10 girls even though I am no expert. Based on my daughter running 4 years in PAC ASSOC and running last year as a frosh in SJS and my view at state meet last year (weighted heavily towards SJS as a disclaimer):

1. Claire Carroll (if healthy
2. Karlie Garcia
3. Carrie Verdon
4. Anna Maxwell
5. Spencer Moore
6. Sophie Hartley (if healthy)
7. Cassidy Daley
8. Madeline Ankheyli
9. Christine Bayliss/Chloe Pigg (fr)
10. Sophie Meads

Anonymous said...

A couple problems with the girls list. Carrie verdon should be closer to the top. Same with sophie hartley assuming she's healthy. and spencer moore should be no where near where she is. The top 2 returning 2-milers from NCS track are Verdon and Jena Pianin. Pianin should be on the list above moore, Verdon and Hartley should be higher.

Anonymous said...

Where is Nikki Hiltz on that list?! She is definitely Norcal's big distance hope as she proved this past track season. Plus, she may very well be a future Oregon Duck... nice to see Norcal athletes be good enough to run at a top-notch school like Oregon.

Albert Caruana said...

As I stated earlier, NorCal is the following sections:

Anonymous said...

ok like i said it before luis luna is ranked #1 but we'll see how good he actually gets with out running this summer

Anonymous said...

Based on last years State Meet alone, because I believe that XC and track are different enough not to take track times into as much consideration as XC times (longer distance, hills, etc). Obviously, IF someone is healthy is a factor - but no one can know the answer to that until race day. Also, this does not take into account incoming Freshman, but they are an unknown and not really worth listing until they prove themselves in a high school race:

1. Carrie Verdon
2. Clare Carroll
3. Anna Maxwell
4. Vanessa Fraser
5. Sophie Hartley
6. Spencer Moore
7. Annie Marggratt
8. Carina Novell
9. Alexandra Tate
10. Bridget Blum

Lots more good names after this ready to jump on in, if they have a good season.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Luis running this summer?

Anonymous said...

Do you have any evidence that Luna isn't running this summer? Sounds far-fetched

Anonymous said...

i believe it. if an anonymous blog commenter claims Luna isn't running over the summer it must be true... i mean, its on the internet...

Sky said...
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