Monday, July 25, 2011

39th annual Wharf to Wharf: Oakland's Lewy Boulet cruises to women's title

Overall Results (You can view more specific results on the left hand side of the page):

How many current and former Northern California high school stars can you identify from the race results?  What high schools did they attend?


Anonymous said...

it looks like yong sung leal is making a comeback after not running in such a long time.

Anonymous said...

Overall Women:

13. Vanessa Fraser (15), Scotts Valley, 35:22

31. Nikki Hiltz (16), Aptos, 37:48

80. Clare Peaobdy (14), Aptos, 40:47

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've seen Leal train a couple of times. And I believe he raced at a Chabot Allcomers.

Albert Caruana said...

Yong-Sung Leal's name was definitely the first name that popped out from the results. Definitely one of the all time greats from NCS.

Anonymous said...

Can't forget about Brett Gotcher. Went to Aptos and then Stanford I believe..

Here's who else I saw in the top 50. I'm sure I missed some though.

Jake Schmidt formerly of Redwood, went to Washington - 8th in 28:51
Robb Van Wyck formerly of De La Salle, currently at St. Mary's College - 11th in 29:31
Joey Nunes formerly of Livermore, currently at CSU Stanislaus - 14th in 30:32
Matt Duffy formerly of St. Mary's, currently at Brown - 16th in 30:38
Mitch Moriarty formerly of Aptos - 17th in 30:40
Tyler Deniston formerly of Berean Christian, currently at SFSU - 23rd in 31:26
Ryan Chio formerly of American, currently at SFSU- 47th in 32:54
Rylan Hunt formerly of Aptos - 48th in 32:59

That's who I noticed in the top 50.

Anonymous said...

There were also Chico State guys like Isaac Chavez (Barstow - SS), Beau Gradone-Rogers (Watsonville, Hartnell CC), and Brendan Scanlon (De La Salle)

Anonymous said...

i hear yong-sung might make a run for the olympic trials...

Albert Caruana said...

You can also add Chico St. runner Joey Kochlacs who went to Campolindo HS and finished in 20th place.

Coach Small said...

Is this the Cranky Panda?

89 Craig Lee San Jose, CA 803 34:28 5:45 M 30-34/9 M-31 82 34:31

Craiggypop The Angry Panda said...

Yup! Fun times seeing lots of running friends! A few more people in the Century club to add to the list:

Kevin Selby (former De La Salle coach and Chico alum), Steve Zirkelbach (former Cal Bear and NCS star from Concord High School), Chris Chavez (Cal alum and Bay track Club member), Matt Duffy (St. Mary's College HS and Brown), Kenrick Sealy (Homestead HS coach), John Wihtol (Jesuit HS), Peter Buscheck (Miramonte), Kayie Nast (UC Davis and Saratoga HS), Natasha LaBeaud (Folsom HS? and Georgetown), Clara Peterson (Head Royce HS and Duke), Tori Tyler (Gunn HS and Chico State), Jenny Wilson (Notre Dame San Jose and UC Davis), Lisa Gillis (Moreau Catholic HS and UC Irvine), Teresa McWalters (Stanford), Samantha Jones (Cal and Alhambra HS), Elizabeth Mayeda (Aptos HS and Cal), Hayley Swanson (Granada), and Kristy Borak (Menlo Atherton HS and Cal).

Wharf to Wharf is my favorite road race! Great job to everyone who ran and sorry if I missed your name or got your information wrong.

Perhaps next year Small will make a return to the Wharf along with Steve Moreno?

Craig Lee

Anonymous said...

33 Alex Johann Palo Alto, CA 276 32:03

ex-Gunn, currently running for Pomona.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the most impressive results has to be former Saratoga HS runner Katie Nast finishing high up in the race and running a very respectable time. Looks like she has improved tremendously in HS - her pace for 6 miles now was similar to her pace for 2 miles in high school!

Anonymous said...

Missed Duncan Calvert, currently at Saint Mary's High School - 90th in 34:29

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