Tuesday, July 07, 2009

NCS Division I Pre-Season Rankings by Jason Oswalt

For this year's North Coast Section (that's #2 on the left) pre-season rankings, I was originally planning on posting the Division V rankings first and work my way up to Division I. I am actually almost done with those rankings but as is the case sometimes, change of plans.

With the help of several coaches who have been kind enough to offer their input in all the divisions, I have been able to piece together the rankings for several divisions. One of the coaches who was able to offer his insight is Amador Valley HS assistant coach, Jason Oswalt. What started out as a simple question, turned into a pretty cool breakdown of Division I (girls and boys).

Unfortunately I was not able to post Jason's work on this blog (such are the limitations on blogs sometimes) but never fear cross country fans. You can download Jason's breakdown at the following link. It's a word document and you can locate it at the top of the page link.


If you have any input into this division or you want to be complimantery toward Jason's work, please feel free to chime in below in the comment section...even anonymously.


Anonymous said...

Why couldn't you just cut and paste?

Albert Caruana said...

Believe me, I tried everything including cutting and pasting.

This way, people can view Jason's work without changing what he put together.

Coach Puppione said...

Nice work, Oz...

Classic stuff.

Connor Donley said...

Kyla Aiuto of Monte Vista moves to Switzerland in 2 months.


Albert Caruana said...

That's a tough loss for Monte Vista as she was their #1 runner at NCS and a qualifier for the state meet as an individual.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know why Forrest Hansen not running for AVHS?

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