Friday, July 24, 2009

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CCS Division II and III pre-season rankings thanks to Kevin Liao and Josh Small. Will get them posted this Sunday.

Until then, feel free to post your thoughts on both divisions (boys and/or girls). Who are the top teams in either division? Individuals? Dark horse teams or individuals?

Let's hear your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

mountain view boys probably unbeatable almost nobody graduated

Anonymous said...

Gunn girls are going to be better than Mountain View girls. Except Mtn View does get a really good freshman.

Anonymous said...

rowe from mountain view will be the runner to beat in all CCS divisions and perhaps in the state

xc parent said...

I have a question i was wondering if you, or another coach, could answer.

To what extent can a runner improve over the years? (boys and girls, separately)

Say that a male freshman started out a 3 mile course at 18:30 and improved to 17:10 in his sophomore year (-1:20). Would this runner improve to 15:50 in his junior year? A good season can lead a runner to peak at the right time, but what does it take for a runner to continuously improve?

Girls would, of course, have a different scenario since they finish developing way earlier, but similarly, can the female athlete improve continuously too?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Division 2:CCS Prediction @Crystal Springs
1.Rowe 14:41
2.Macquitty 14:50
3.Summers 15:05
4.Myjer 15:06
5.Gieken 15:17
6.Schuh 15:18
Division 3:CCS Prediction
1.Moriarty 14:45
2.W. Strum 15:38
3.Plazola 15:40

All my life said...

@ the comment above:

those are some bold predictions. i would love to see all these runners run this fast, it would be great for CCS.

However, I disagree about Ian Myjer. You predicted him at 15:06. He ran 14:57 last year. You expect him to get 9 seconds slower?

Anonymous said...

agree on myjer he was clear #2 in CCS last year behind only rowe and well ahead of others. maybe the knee injury caused the slower predicted time? does anybody know if he's OK now??

if conditions are favorable i see 3 or 4 boys capable of going sub 15. it's the best CCS class of runners in a long time, maybe ever

Anonymous said...

Ian Myjer = Stress Fracture = no 2009 track season = slower time

Anonymous said...

CCS has produced many fast girls in the past few years... Tori Tyler, Alicia Follmar, Ale Barrientos, Mia Lattanzi, Justine Fedronic, Melissa Grelli etc... wow.

Anonymous said...

Rowe injured his foot as a soph and missed second half of track same as Myjer. Rowe came back as a beast in cross country junior year after a few slow races to start the season. Why don't you think Myjer can't do similar?

Coach Small said...

To "XC Parent"

Boys can see steady improvement like this with some hard work. A good friend of mine ran with the girls as a freshman and the next year are running 9:30 for two miles! 2009 was a prime example of this kind of improvement: athletes running 16’s at Crystal were running 4:20 for the mile in track, or 9:20 for 3200.

A lot of it depends on when these young men mature. One thing to remember is that jumping from 18:30 to 17:10 is an easier jump than 17:10 to 15:50. The faster you get the harder it is to improve in big jumps like this. But it is possible with talent, a good summer plan and smart coaching.

As for some of the other comments about the talent coming out of the CCS, (I am biased here) but you can't leave out Jennifer Bergman. Only 17 years old she is off to Arizona and had some great performances in cross country. Not to mention had a solid 3200 this year before getting Mono. This is her first summer of being able to run every day. She should be very good in the tough Pac-10 this year!

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