Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NCS Individual Rankings

Here is my best attempt to rank the individuals to this point for each division in NCS. Thank you to all the coaches and athletes that helped compile this list. If you feel that we have left somebody off the list, please go ahead and state their case in the comment box below. If you have pictures of any of the runners ranked below that do not have a picture link, please send me their picture or send me a link to a picture of them online.

Girls' Division I

1) Colleen Lillig (California)
2) Alycia Cridebring (College Park)
3) Hayley Swanson (Granada)
4) Kelsey Santisteban (Castro Valley)
5) Rosie Smith (College Park)
On the bubble: Kyla Aiuto (Monte Vista)

Boys' Division I
1) Austin Snyder (Berkeley)
2) Mike Roderick (Monte Vista)
3) Alex Summers (Granada)
4) Brett Hornig (Amador Valley)
5) Garrett Ward (Amador Valley)
On the bubble: Who should be here?

Girls' Division II
1) Jacque Taylor (Casa Grande)
2) Diana George (Livermore)
3) Heather Cerney (Carondelet)
4) Nicole Hood (Carondelet)
5) Kellie Houser (Carondelet)
On the bubble: Rachel Mitchell (American)

Boys' Division II
1) Wyatt Landrum (Liberty)
2) Nathanael Litwiller (Clayton Valley)
3) Rory McCleod (Santa Rosa)
4) Danny Thomas (Arroyo)
5) Aria Kiani (Montgomery)
On the bubble: Andrew Zellman (Ukiah)

Girls' Division III
1) Lauren Curtin (Maria Carrillo)
2) Isabel Andrade (Petaluma)
3) Damajeria Dubose (Bishop O'Dowd)
4) Jordan Davis (Maria Carrillo)
5) Ellie Ryan (Sir Francis Drake)
On the bubble: Carrie Verdon (Campolindo)

Boys' Division III
1) Sterling Lockert (Petaluma)
2) Robert Pulford (Campolindo)
3) Erik Olson (Novato)
4) Devin Lockert (Petaluma)
5) Ross Geiger (Campolindo)
On the bubble: Who should be here?

Girls' Division IV
1) Theresa Devine (Marin Catholic)
2) Taylor Lawson (St. Mary's Berkeley)
3) Alex Choy (St. Mary's Berkeley)
4) Alice Baker (St. Mary's Berkeley)
5) Allie Maher (Arcata)
On the bubble: Jamie Kent (Piedmont)

Boys' Division IV
1) Dan Maxwell (St. Mary's Berkeley)
2) Dan Milechman (Tamalpais)
3) Tony Levine (St. Mary's Berkeley)
4) Alec Govi (Marin Catholic)
5) Brian Hernandez (San Rafael)
On the bubble: Brian King (Cardinal Newman)

Girls' Division V
1) Lucy McCullough (Marin Academy)
2) Emily Erickson (College Prep)
3) Jessica Ho (Chinese Christian)
4) Holland Reynolds (University)
5) Kai Wilson (College Prep)
On the bubble: Evi Steyer (University)

Boys' Division V
1) Steven Iglehart (Branson)
2) Tyler Deniston (Berean Christian)
3) Josh Macdonald (Redwood Christian)
4) Skyler Thomas (Mendocino)
5) Charlie Sauter (College Prep)
On the bubble: David Kealhofer (University)

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Anonymous said...

Just because a runner is on a weak team doesn't mean she should be ignored, Jennifer Goldstein from Foothill should be in your top 5 from NCS!

Albert Caruana said...

These rankings were done on October 22nd about a month before the NCS meet.

Nice job to Jennifer Goldstein for finishing 5th in NCS.

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