Sunday, October 26, 2008

Top Norcal Teams/Individuals at Mt. SAC compiled by Keith Conning

Boy’s Teams (462 teams)
Pl School, Section
9 Davis, SJS
26 De La Salle, Concord, NCS
29 Amador Valley, Pleasant Hill, NCS
31 Fairfield, SJS
53 Santa Rosa, NCS
71 St. Francis, Mountain View, CCS
78 Franklin, Elk Grove, SJS
87 San Ramon Valley, Danville, NCS
93 Livermore, NCS
94 El Camino Fundamental, Sacramento, SJS

Boy’s Individuals (7121 finishers)
Pl Time Gr First Last (School, City, Section)
20 15:15 –Rory Mcleod (Santa Rosa, NCS)
21 15:15 –Tyre Johnson (Palma, Salinas, CCS)
25 15:19 –Matt Petersen (Davis, SJS)
42 15:30 –Nathan Litwiller (Clayton Valley, Concord, NCS)
65 15:40 *Jared Lester (Fairfield, SJS)
82 15:46 *Erik Olson (Novato, NCS)
83 15:46 *Kurt Ruegg (Napa, SJS)
85 15:47 *Reesey Byers (Santa Rosa, NCS)
96 15:50 –Mike Roderick (Monte Vista, Danville, NCS)
98 15:51 –Drew Petersen (Davis, SJS)

Girl’s Teams (376 teams)
Pl School, Section
12 Livermore, NCS
13 Carondelet, NCS
15 Castro Valley, NCS
22 Davis, SJS
43 St. Mary’s, Berkeley, NCS
44 Casa Grande, Petaluma, NCS
51 Maria Carrillo, Santa Rosa, NCS
52. St. Francis, Sacramento, SJS
55 San Ramon Valley, Danville, NCS
63 Monte Vista, Danville, NCS

Girl’s Individuals (4303 finishers)
Pl Time Grade First Last (School, City, Section)
4 17:00 –Michelle Johnson (West Valley, Cottonwood, NS)- Wrong time, more than likely in the 18s.
7 17:20 *Jacque Taylor (Casa Grande, NCS)
20 17:57 **Jewelz Andrews (Alhambra, Martinez, NCS)
22 17:58 *Heather Cerney (Carondelet, NCS)
24 18:01 *Jennifer Bergman (Valley Christian, San Jose, CCS)
26 18:04 *Colleen Lillig (California, San Ramon, NCS)
32 18:12 –Kellie Houser (Carondelet, NCS)
43 18:20 –Diana George (Livermore, NCS)
46 18:22 –Nicole Mendoza (St. Francis, Sacramento, SJS)
50 18:27 *Sammy Hamilton (Half Moon Bay, CCS)
51 18:27 **Kelsey Santisteban (Castro Valley, NCS)

Keith Conning


Anonymous said...

Johnson's time is incorrect...

That race and many others had a problem with the clock. Her time was well into 18 something.

The Arcadia Invite Guy confirms in Dyestate strand.


Anonymous said...

Great Job to Rory he ran a great race and a great time.

Albert Caruana said...

Big time effort by Rory to tie for the fastest time by a Norcal runner.

Between Wyatt Landrum, Rory and Nathanael Litwiller, that gives the NCS three of the top runners in the state in Division II.

Anonymous said...

And BRAVO to the Casa Girls TEAM for cranking it up a running a faster time than Maria Carrillo!!

Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

Were the teams listed in this blog organized by the highest placings or the best times? It could be because i'm tired but I couldn't tell. But the SRHS girls did get 4th in our race..
And this is probably just my personal opinion, but I was really disappointed with the lack of coverage for non-sweepstakes races from Saturday at Mt. SAC. The results were posted, but there were no pictures or videos that I could find. The sweepstakes races were exciting for sure, but they weren't the only races that happened on saturday.

Albert Caruana said...

I believe Keith ranked the teams on how they placed overall.

Anonymous said...

Great time for Jewelz Andrews. Does anyone know why she ran in a DII boy's race 61? or was this an error on Mt Sac part? because they have her listed under best 50 times for Sophomore girl's but show she ran race 61?

Albert Caruana said...

I am aware of Jewelz Andrews listed in a boys race.

I will try to find out what happened there and post again ASAP.

Albert Caruana said...

From her coach Tim Bruder:

Her label was missing from our packet on friday so another school and
saturday got it and put it on their athlete.She didn't check for her #
until 10 minutes before the race so we gave her Christain Sweeney's tag.
What school used it ? Alhambra of Alhambra?

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