Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mid-Season NCS Team Rankings

Here is my best attempt to rank all the NCS teams in each division at this point in the season. Feel free to comment on these rankings at the link below. Your opinions are encouraged.

Division I
(By Peter Brewer)
1) Granada
2) Amador Valley
3) Monte Vista
4) Castro Valley
5) College Park
On the bubble: Deer Valley, San Ramon Valley

1) Castro Valley
2) Monte Vista
3) College Park
4) Granada
5) California
On the bubble: San Ramon Valley

Division II
1) De La Salle
2) Santa Rosa
3) Washington
4) Montgomery
5) Alameda
On the bubble: Liberty, Livermore

1) Carondelet
2) Livermore
3) Casa Grande
4) Montgomery
5) Santa Rosa
On the bubble: Alameda, Irvington

Division III

1) Campolindo
2) Petaluma
3) Las Lomas
4) Maria Carrillo
5) Redwood
On the bubble: Acalanes, Miramonte

1) Maria Carrillo
2) Campolindo
3) Las Lomas
4) Drake
5) Redwood
On the bubble: Alhambra, Miramonte, Petaluma

Division IV

1) St. Mary's Berkeley
2) Tamalpais
3) San Rafael
4) Justin-Siena
5) Moreau Catholic
On the bubble: Piedmont, Arcata

1) St. Mary's Berkeley
2) Piedmont
3) Terra Linda
4) Moreau Catholic
5) Arcata
On the bubble: Marin Catholic

Division V

1) University
2) Berean Christian
3) Redwood Christian
4) College Prep
5) St. Joseph Notre Dame
On the bubble: Head Royce, Lick Wilmerding, Marin Academy
1) University
2) College Prep
3) Marin Academy
4) Head Royce
5) Lick Wilmerding
On the bubble: Santa Rosa Christian

Feel free to comment on the rankings below. Remember, this is just a starting point. If you feel strongly about a team that should be moved higher or is not even listed, please back up your strong feelings with results. NCS individual rankings will be posted next.


Anonymous said...

just wondering how injured is nicole hood? how come she's not running much nowadays? she didnt have the greatest performance at clovis meet, and at EBAL leagues, livermore seriously beat them. i think you should move livermore girls up/move carondelet down

cberg said...

considering livermore was 13th at stanford and casa grande was 48th, how do you have casa ahead of livermore in girls d2 rankings? also, avg team time for livermore was 19:50 vs. casa's avg team time of 20:58 at stanford. diana george and jacque taylor are similar, but livermore has so much more depth...

Albert Caruana said...

Nicole Hood appears to be still be ailing from the injury from track season. She was up with the leaders at Clovis but struggling to maintain that pace in the 2nd half of the race.

You are right in that Livermore does belong in front of Casa Grande and I did make that change.

I will keep Carondelet in 1st for now and update the rankings next week following this week's racing.

420Miler said...

Girls D2: Irvington beat Santa Rosa at Stanford and they beat Alameda at Clovis. Maybe Irvington #5 ?

Firefly said...

college prep girls 2nd in ncs?

Anonymous said...

to answer the nicole hood question... we saw her at EBAL center meet #2 and she was in a cast and on crutches. but i was wondering... Amador has gone undefeated in back-to-back seasons, yet you have them ranked 2nd under granada in D1 Boys...

Anonymous said...

I don't know how good St Joseph's is, but Marin Academy is lookin' pretty good. Chinese Christian beat both Head Royce and Lick Wilmerding at the BCL Challenge, so it seems they deserve to bump off one of those for the bubble spot.
robert kealhofer, university

Albert Caruana said...


St. Joseph's qualified for state last year and they return 6 of their top 7. We don't hear much about them because they are in a different league. They are very well coached and I think will be in a position to qualify again this year.

As for the BCL Challenge, it seemed like many team chose to use the race as a workout or run some of their runners in the frosh/soph divisions which means some varsity teams were not at full strength.

We will find out where everybody is at the league championships coming up.

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