Friday, October 17, 2008

BCL Challenge Results

The following are the results from the annual BCL Challenge that took place on Tuesday, Oct. 14th at Lindley Meadow (Golden Gate Park). The teams that are invited to attend are from the Bay Counties League (BCL) West and East. Photos as courtesy of Nen Tannenbaum of University HS.

Varsity Boys

Varsity Girls

Frosh/Soph Boys

Frosh/Soph Girls


Anonymous said...

what happened to CPS? it shows charlie sauter running 22 something, and their other top runners in the 20s.

what happened?

Albert Caruana said...

CPS has done this in the past with their top runners running with their 2nd tier runners in races like the BCL Challenge which don't count in the standings.

Firefly said...

yep-much of both the boys and girls varsity squads shepherded some of the other runners to help them improve, without worrying about scoring in a rather meaningless meet. both squads are also nursing various injuries at the moment.

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