Friday, August 31, 2007

Rome update

Between all the sight seeing and the walking!!!, I have been able to watch most of the Track and Field World Championships. Hard to imagine Cross Country season is just around the corner with Track staging one of it's biggest meets.

On my predictions of the men's 1500m., I had Lagat 1st, Ramzi 2nd and Webb 3rd. Not too bad. I just didn't think Webb could win without anybody rabbitting a fast pace for him. Just as I suspected, he had to do all the work early and on the last lap he was a sitting duck for all the kickers. I know Lagat is not truly an American but he seems like a really good guy. Well deserved victory and now, who knows what he can do in the 5000m. if the pace is to his liking.

The final two days should be great with the remaining distance races as well as all the relays. We'll see how many golds the Americans can win. They are the favorites in all four relays but we know how that has turned out in the past.

What has been the best competition so far in the meet? Any major surprises?

Thank you to all of you who have been checking out this blog. I will get back to a more c0nsistant posting pattern once I return back to the States.


Alex Wolf-Root said...

it is hard to argue against the 1500m men being the best competition, especially as this is more of a distance blog, and Lagat did end a 99 year drought. But, I gotta say that it was the men's long jump that was the best overall competition. It had it all. Big jumps, records, top position changes down to the very end. Having the last few jumpers having to wait for 200m final and an award ceremony just added to the drama. So my vote is LJ. Honorable mention: the men's 10k! Who else thought Sihine could finally get his gold?! That doesn't change the fact that it was the 1500m that was my favorite, just not the best competition.
But it isn't over yet. The 800m is always an exciting one, and there are no clear favorites! Can't wait!

Albert Caruana said...

The long jump was great. For Howe to move past Saladino by such a small margin and then having Saladino respond on his final jump made for a great competition.

I also just finished watching the two 400m. relays (two very CLOSE US victories). I would hate to be the US coach for any short relay races. Talk about taking years off your life!! The women's 5K was a great tactical battle and it was nice to see the two Americans battle until the very end.

It's been a great meet to say the least and some of the best competitions are still left including the men's 800 and 5000 as well as both long relays.

Thank god for the WC taking place every two years now.

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