Sunday, August 26, 2007

Live from Italy (Rome)

Taking a little break from the sight seeing in Italy. I have been here only a day and Italy has more than surpassed expectations already. On the plane from Malta to Italy my wife and I sat behind, what turned out to be, a famous Italian singer who performed in Malta the day before, Claudio Bagliani. I will have to check out his info later because we had no idea who he was to the dismay of the passengers around us. We found a restaurant with authentic Italian food and finished off our meal at a gelato place. All i can say is I hope we can walk a lot!!!

Just some quick thoughts on the World Championships.

I caught some of the World Track and Field Championships on Euro Sport and the coverage here in Europe is amazing. So far on my IAAF fantasy picks, Powell not so good, Kluft, Dibaba and Vili came through big time. Great final throw by Vili. I figured she would at least finish in the top 2 but the win was great. Caught the Powell Gay match at the airport in Malta as Gay destroyed the world record holder. The problem with any fantasy contests is you end up rooting against your own team, in this case, Gay. He looked great and should be smoking in the 200. We will see how today goes. I was very happy to see Goucher got a bronze in the 10000 meters. I was very pleasantly surprised to see her medal as I did not even list her in my poll. Somebody voted for other so that could have been a pick for her. Great job by the Americans going 3rd and 5th. I am getting a really good feeling about the performance of the American distance runners in the near future including Osaka.

I will see about posting again when I can. Today more sight seeing, including the Pantheon which we saw last night but it was closed. Cannot wait to see it fromt the inside.

Any thoughts on the meet so far?


Anonymous said...

Are the World Championships a much bigger deal over there?

Albert Caruana said...

Well considering they show every jump, throw, run etc. on EuroSport, I would say it is. In the papers here, the World Championship is getting the big pictures and headlines as well.

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