Wednesday, July 03, 2013

New NFHS Rules

The following is from Ernie Lee:
Of particular interest: "With an increasing number of track and field participants wearing compression-style garments under their uniform shorts as foundation garments, Rule 4-3-1c(7) was modified to require only those visible garments worn under the uniform bottom that extend below the knees to be unadorned and of a single, solid color. Current NFHS rules regarding logos and insignias apply to knee-length or longer garments.There are no longer restrictions to visible garments worn under the uniform bottom if they terminate above the knees." (Bolded section by me).

With all the complaining about the uniform rules, it's important to remind people that the rules have evolved, especially in recent years. Many of the past "ridiculous" DQs (such as officials checking the color of girls sports bras) were clarified as never being infractions in the first place, and many of the rest (such as not giving a warning before an automatic DQ) have been addressed.

You can check out all the new rules at this link:

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