Thursday, August 18, 2011

Website of the Month?

Do you have any nominations for Website of the Month?  I have had several of the best high school team websites in NorCal posted already above in the past?  What websites have I missed?  What other websites do you visit daily?

What other information would you like to see on this site?


SJS Fan said...

On a lighter note I think it would be interesting to hear of per race rituals and or superstitions by the runners. I know that Jordon Rushing always races with a red shoelace in his left shoe and wears different " lucky socks " depending on the race, usually a mismatched set to boot.

Kevin said...
Kirk Flatow is doing a great job with the MV program, building a great coaching staff that will include Barb Acosta (multiple Olympic Trials marathoner) and Erica McLean (Stanford Triple-Jumper) and possibly others as well. Our program is really going places, too bad I won't be there to see it! But they will be fun to watch for sure.
Oh, and the website isn't bad either!

Albert Caruana said...

Good idea with the race rituals and superstitions. I am sure some runners have some interesting ones.

Thanks for the link to the Monta Vista site Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Campo Track and Field has a great website and footage of their races and activities. I go there to find info for our league (not from Campo).

Rob Collins said...

Kevin I'm glad to see Kirk doing a great Job and Good Luck this fall and see you around!

Kevin said...

Thanks Coach Collins, everybody at MV really likes Kirk and believes in what he is teaching. We plan on making a serious run at making states as a team this year! We'll see you and the SLV crew at Earlybird!

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