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Thursday, July 15, 2010

2011 State Track and Field Championships "At-Large Standards”

Courtesy of the Northern Section Website:

What do you think is the toughest standard for 2011?


Amanda Hernandez said...

I think this reflects how in the last few years many of the top girls at the state level have been focusing on the 3200 rather than the 1600 (however, competition is still strong in the 1600).

Anonymous said...

I think it reflects that the heat and wind effected the 1600 times (and a few other races) more than races that happened after sun down (like the 3200). Some of the sprints were aided by the wind, but the longer distances (scheduled earlier in the meet) were definitely effected negatively. Those were some tough conditions for the 1600s!

I also think that although Clovis is an amazing venue, the weather is going to continue to be a big factor there most of the time.

Albert Caruana said...

Good points.

Doug Griffith said...

Very disappointing the Boys 1600M at-large time rose by over 2 seconds from 4:14.49 in 2010. Is this solely based on actual times run at the State Meet? If so, there will definitely be a few runners next year that will benefit from this year's terrible and less-than-inspiring Boys 1600M effort at State. I really don't think the slow 1600M final had anything to do with the heat. It was a bunch of boys running defensively and playing right into Geydeon's strength. The most disappointing final race I have seen in the three years I have been attending the State Meet.

Ernest Lee said...

The at-large marks are calculated based on the state meet trials times (average 9th place mark in the trials). Thus, the slow 1600 boys final had no impact on the at large mark.

Albert Caruana said...

Thanks Ernie.

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