Thursday, July 16, 2009

XCStats 2009: More for Less

Every year we add more functionality to XCStats. For 2008, we added an email system, which collects addresses from parents and runners and lets coaches send emails directly from a private XCStats web page, and a goal-setting tool which allows runners and coaches to collaborate on appropriate goals. And for 2009, the new features are:

  • A completely new graphical design. It’s better looking and easier to navigate.
  • A private discussion forum, only accessible by coaches, runners and parents. It helps engage runners and parents and, because it’s private, no moderator is required!
  • Subscribers now have access to our massive California cross country database. It includes 6 new reports for team and individual results.
  • Even more reports, now 24 reports and 10 graphs!
That’s the MORE part. Now for the LESS. For new subscribers, PAYMENT IS OPTIONAL for 2009! That’s right. You don’t have to pay! The feedback from our existing runners, families and coaches is so positive, that we wanted to give every high school in California the opportunity to experience the benefits without obligation.

Write me at to find out how to get started. To quote a coach from an existing subscriber at a recent clinic, “You’re crazy if you don’t do this.” You may not actually be crazy, but the point is that this is too good to pass up. The offer expires August 22nd, so act quickly!

Mike Sherwood

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