Wednesday, June 24, 2009

San Jose Mercury News Track and Field athletes of the year...

Boys track and field athlete of the year: Peter Guenther

Girls track athlete of the year: Katie Nelms

Boys track and field top athletes

Girls track and field top athletes

Any thoughts on the above selections?


Anonymous said...

Fedronic won Arcadia and had a superior time to Diaz over the course of the season... why is that not good enough to be distance runner of the year?

Albert Caruana said...

Valid question. Fedronic was also the CCS champion.

The other one that stuck out for me was Kendall Spencer of San Mateo. He wins the 100 and 200 at CCS and he is not the sprinter of the year?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Nelms pick. Top 3 in five events and major contributor to team title. If anyone watched her trials 4X400 leg, she probably would have won the 400 if she was able to run it. Nothing against Gradiska, she improved greatly in the 100/200, but it was only two events. There is a good argument Mariah Rogers from Prospect should have made the list

Evan Smith said...

I think Justine and Kendall don't make the Mercury News list because the Merc doesn't consider Belmont and San Mateo and other cities that far up the peninsula to be in their coverage area.

Albert Caruana said...

Good point.

I seem to recall that in cross country, two lists were posted, one was a SJ Mercury area list and 2nd was an all CCS list.

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