Thursday, June 11, 2009

CA State Meet 3200m. reflection with Sterling Lockert...

Today we hear from Petaluma distance runner Sterling Lockert who just recently finished in 10th place in the 3200m. at the state meet, running a personal record, 9:01.32. Lockert finished 2nd at the NCS MOC 3200m. behind state leader (at the time) Erik Olson of Novato running a then lifetime best, 9:09.48. He qualified for the state meet in the 3200m. as a sophomore (9:23.55 3rd place), the 1600m. as a junior (4:16.07 4th place finish) and then chose to focus solely on the 3200m. this year.

1) What did you do training wise (day by day) following the NCS final on Saturday to the 3200m. final yesterday?
This is my best guess at what it was. I don't totally remember.
Monday I did a short 35-40 minute run. Tuesday I did a work out of 2x1000 at tempo pace (about 3:05ish) Then 2x4 at mile pace (62-63). then 4x200 at 800 pace (28-29). Then wednesday a short 30 min run. Thursday a short 25 minute run with 4 200's at 2 mile pace (33-35). Then Friday a short 20 minute run, which i did at about nine in clovis.

2) What was your race plan going into the 3200m. final? Were there runners you were focusing on or were you focused on running certain splits?
I was focused on splits. I wanted to turn about a 4:33 for my first mile. I knew that going out with Olson would be suicide just from looking back at the last two races. I knew I had the leg speed to run a faster second mile so after the first one I just started moving up and picking kids off.

3) Tell us a little how your race progressed from the beginning and how it unfolded as it got into the second 1600m.
I started really well and then kids started passing me for the entire first 1600. I knew my pacing and I stayed true to it. I really had to trust my training and know that I'd have what it took to turn a second, faster 1600. After I got to the second 1600, I felt very calm and relaxed and started picking kids off exactly how I wanted. (Side note: I wasn't passed at all in the second 1600)

4) What was the toughest part of the race?
Toughest part of the race was after lap 5. Still having three laps to go, I really had to put my head down and get to work. But I managed to hang on to it and get myself motivated.

5) When did you decide during the season to solely focus on the 3200m.? What time were you shooting for?
I decided over winter to focus solely on the 3200. I felt like I made a mistake last year taking the 1600. This year I just happened to be in the most loaded 3200 field ever...not a bad claim to fame. And the time I really would have like was under 9. But I ran the exact race I wanted at State so there's not to much disappointment.

6) Any races coming up for you this summer?
I'll probably do the Kenwood. But I need to wait and see what the Coaches at Loyola have in store for me.

Thank you very much Sterling.

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Sterling Lockert said...

ah. you found a picture of me ahead of olson. The good ol' days.

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