Monday, April 27, 2009

Catching up with Carmel runner Hank Morrison...

Today we chat with Carmel 400/800 runner, Hank Morrison. At last Friday's CCS Top 8 Meet, Morrison was a double victor as he swept the 400 and 800 in 49.80 and 1:59.09 respectively (He is pictured to the left winning the 800 over Palo Alto's Philip MacQuitty). Considering the weather at the meet (cold and windy) and the relative closeness of the two races, it was an impressive double victory. He will be one of the favorites come CCS time to qualify for the state meet following his narrow miss last year as he finished in 5th place recording a 1:56.25.

1) How did you get started in Track and Field?
I started running track in 6th grade when I lived in Charlotte, North Carolina.

2) When did you first realize that you might have the talent to succeed in Track and Field?
I think I realized I could have some potential when I moved to Carmel in 8th grade. Then I met Coach Ables and he saw potential and I've been running ever since.

3) As you were first starting out in the sport, who were the runners that inspired you (from your own team or other teams)?
Of course runners like Steve Prefontaine have always been an inspiration, but I've always idolized runners like Alberto Juantorena and Sebastian Coe.

4) Tell us a little about your coach and how he has helped you develop as a runner.
Coach Ables is a pretty interesting guy. He's 72 years old, and a Monterey Peninsula native. He started off as a football coach, but when there was a falling out between he and the head coach, he decided to switch over to track. He's very old school, preferring not to be involved with parents, and he's often at odds with the school administration, but he loves the kids and the kids love him. I met him when I came out for cross country freshman year. He saw potential in me, and never let me off easy. I think the high expectations he has had for me, in combination with the great training he and the other coaches provide have been a major help in my success as a runner.

5) You finished in 5th place last year at the CCS running 1:56.25. How did the narrow miss to making the state meet, motivated you for this year?
Well, I really wanted to make it to state last year, but it didn't happen, so now this year is my last chance. I really want to make the most of the season, so I'm pretty motivated.

6) Some quick answers: your favorite event? favorite meet? favorite competitor(s)?
Favorite event: 800. favorite meet: I loved arcadia, but avis kelley and quicksilver are always good. Favorite competitors: I love running against the guys from Monterey (Jake Arveson, Joel Kemper). In Jake and my case we've sort of grown up as runners together, we ran track in middle school together and we've been able to run against each other all 4 years of high school. They're very talented, and they're nice guys too.

7) What workouts do you do that you feel help you the most in terms of your 800m. racing? What does a typical week look like for you?
I wouldn't say I enjoy them the most, but 600m intervals in combination with 300s and 200s are really good for me. Usually, Mondays and Tuesdays are pretty difficult, with Wednesdays being pre-meets, Thursdays league meets, and Fridays are pretty relaxed for invitationals on Saturdays.

8) What would you say has been your best race so far this season?
I'd have to say my 800 at top 8 has been my best race. It wasn't the fastest I've had this year, but I was really relaxed and had a strong kick, which was surprising because I ran a 400 40 minutes earlier haha.

9) Who do you feel will be the competitors in CCS for the three state meet spots in the 800m. this year?
That's a pretty tough question. The 800 is pretty stacked this year. Kevin Jani, Nathan Strum, Jake Arveson, me, and I've heard Philip MacQuitty ran a pretty fast time last week.

10) Have you decided where you are going to college next year and how much did running contribute to the decision you made?
I'm going to the University of Oregon next year. I'll be running track. It was a pretty big part of my choice because of Oregon Track's history and potential for the future.

11) What would be your best advice for young runners who want to succeed in Track and Field?
Have fun with it. Don't take it too seriously. It stops being fun when you can't remember why you're doing it.

Thank you very much Hank! AJC!


Anonymous said...

ok, ok, but where's the Justine Fedronic interview? .. only has the #1 time in the state right now.

Albert Caruana said...

I will try to get an interview with her.

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Where is an Erik Olson interview??? 1:57, 4:17, 8:57 # 1 in not only CA. but also in the US. nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Where is a MIke Roderick interview??? After all, he is Mike Roderick, nuff said.

Albert Caruana said...

Erik has been good enough to answer a few questions in the past.

Check out the following links for his interviews:

Anonymous said...

You should get an interview with Toni Sarge. She has really broken through this year and is running great... surprised a lot of people 2 years ago, and continues to run great times now and be one of the top runners in Norcal.

Also a Stephanie Barnett interview would be great... going to Harvard next year. She is very gracious and nice, I'm sure she would be willing.

And of course there is Jenni Bergman, 10:45 at Arcadia...

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