Thursday, April 02, 2009

Catching up with Redwood's Ryan Healy...

Today we catch up with Redwood junior Ryan Healy who just finished 2nd. at the recent Stanford Invitational with a lifetime best of 48.87. Ryan is no stronger to success on the track as he qualified to the NCS Meet of Champions finals in the 400m. as freshman and record a 6th place finish. Last year, Ryan qualified for the state meet in the 400m. as he finished 3rd with a time of 49.53. With his sub 49 clocking at Stanford, Ryan has served notice that he will be one of the favorites for the NCS title this year.

1) Besides track and field, in what other sports have you participated?
Besides track and field, I play basketball, soccer, and run cross country.

2) How did you get your start or interest in track and field?
I started track in 7th grade, but only participated in high jump. I started running freshman year during ski week because I could work out with the runners. The coach wanted me to run instead of jump, but I compromised and did both.

3) When did you first realize track could be a really good sport for you?
I don't consider myself as really good, maybe a good high school runner but in the bigger picture I'm just another guy running a race.

4) What track events have you done?
I have done the 400, 100, 200, 4x4, 4x1 and high jump.

5) You made the state meet last year as a sophomore in the 400m. Was that a surprise or expected?
You know, I had a feeling I would go. I wrote down my goals and going to state meet was the end goal. I knew I was not as elite as the top eight but I would be up there some time.

6) Tell us a little about your first state meet experience and how you feel it will help you this year.
Last year in la was just the first of a three time experience. It's good to get the nerves out of the way and go into it next year as just another meet.

7) What runners have you considered as role models or somebody you looked up to on your own team or other teams?
I don't really have a role model. I just try to be an individual and work as hard as I can when it's time to work.

8) Favorite competitor? Favorite meet? Favorite event?
I do not follow track at the professional level but I watched the Olympics and I just thought it was unbelievable to compete in front of the whole world. For me, I love to run and watch the 200 and I like the way its a fast race and longer than the 100.

9) Tell us a little about your coach and how he has helped you improve as a runner.
My coach knows what he is doing and I trust what he tells me to do.

10) What is your advice to young runners who want to do well in track?
To the young runners I would tell them to experiment with a variety of events and choose the one that ends in the best feeling

Thank you Ryan. AJC


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Anonymous said...

You need more interviews with top girl runners (in Norcal?)... there are so many, like Jacque Taylor, Justine Fedronic, Stephanie Barnett, Maria Malone, etc etc. Justine Fedronic is Norcal's best chance for a state distance title.

There are also some top Norcal runners competing in college now... Mia Lattanzi, Alicia Follmar, Tori Tyler, Melissa Grelli... to name a few.

Albert Caruana said...

I totally agree and have tried to keep a balance between boys and girls interviews. Unfortunately not everybody replies to my email requests for interviews.

I will keep trying and thank you for the suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Kim Conley at UC Davis

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