Wednesday, May 05, 2021

What have you learned during this past year?

This past year has certainly been challenging for everybody. I know it has been challenging for the students as well as fellow coaches who were given a forced break from something we really enjoyed doing. I am curious as to what people (students, coaches, parents etc.) have learned during this pandemic. What was the most challenging part for you? What will you do differently as we return to normalcy? What do you appreciate more than ever going through these past months?  How will this help you be a better person?

Please share.


Anonymous said...

I've learned that our society is more than willing to sacrifice and trade in all of our freedoms in exchange for a little temporary "safety", instead of being reasonable and looking at the facts.

Anonymous said...

I think that the almost 600,000 dead would challenge your idea of "a little temporary safety". The 'right to life' is one of our freedoms.

Chanman195 said...

For me at Sacred Heart Cathedral, I think this year has been more about supporting kids emotionally, than it has been about training them for sport. We practice less and have them train on their own more. I've had to be more flexible about giving mental health days, conflicts, family travel, not feeling well, or no ride to practice. I have gone out of my way to focus on the positive and what we do have, and I've been unwilling to dwell on what we don't have or the what if's. And I am OK with this. I wouldn't want to do it this way forever, but for this year, this is what I believe the kids needed. And I am proud and happy to have been there for them to give them what they needed from me.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:18 PM, care to state some of those facts? no? didn't think so

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