Sunday, May 02, 2021

NorCal Track and Field results

Weekend results
Los Gatos at Homestead:
Thunder Invitational:

DLS Super 7

BCL #3

Weekday results

College Results
Cal/Stanford Big Meet:


Anonymous said...

De La Salle Super 7 Invitational

Anonymous said...

Lester back to form at West Coast Relays. 1:51.62 after 49.71 80 min. before. Hope to see him square off vs. Salcido in 3 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Great job on Lester!
Glad to see him back.
A random note: Really don't appreciate the $#$%$# show at West Coast Relays with a clear majority of fans not wearing a mask. And you wonder why the middle of our State still has RED TIER Counties. #covidiots
Good luck to all that is able to compete in Arcadia!

Anonymous said...

A lot of California kids representing at the OSU high performance meet in Corvallis last weekend.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 9:27

Some people like to breathe. And maybe they've already got their vaccine - if it works, masks no longer necessary, right? And if it doesn't work, why get the shot?

Anonymous said...

Video of Lester's 800m with commentary from his coach.

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