Monday, May 24, 2021

Latest NorCal Track and Field results

Dublin Social Distance #3

PAL Championship Meet Results
Live Stream Link:

Wildcat Sprint and Field Classic

WCAL Trials results

Preliminary meet program for Redwood Empire Meet:


Anonymous said...

Wildcat sprint and field classic

Anonymous said...

S, is the Nor Cal season officially over as far as invites?

pmccrystle said...

PERSON OF THE YEAR for NorCal Track and Field: Chris Williams, Dublin HS

I am awarding Chris Williams a fake award that I just made up, and will probably never award again: The Person of the Year for NorCal Track and Field. Chris' tireless work in creating, organizing and hosting three Dublin Socially Distanced Fiestas truly 'made our season'. While many others put together great meets, in putting on the three DSDFs Chris gave the Bellarmine track program an immeasurably valuable gift: hope, joy, a sense of normalcy, a chance to be rewarded for hard work...and it wasn't just a gift to our runners. The families of our students benefitted incredibly from these three meets, perhaps as much as the students themselves. While I am speaking for the BCP program, I am pretty sure that other programs out there feel the same way, especially schools from the Sac Joaquin and North Coast Sections, whose seasons are all but over. The DSDFs served as a season ending championship of sorts, and the competition and results were amazing...due to the hard work of Chris, his staff, his admin and anyone else who contributed to making it through the maze of paperwork and protocols to actually host the meets. You have given our community an amazing gift, and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hopefully, Chris can now enjoy some well deserved rest and mourn the end of his beloved Warriors' season. Peace and eternal gratitude to you Mr. Williams!!!!!!! Your friend, Patrick

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where to see live results from today’s NCS Redwood Empire meet at Healdsburg HS? The TimerHub link provided isn’t showing any stats…

Anonymous said...
Here’s a better link that seems to be working

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