Sunday, February 28, 2021

Interview with Bellarmine head XC coach Patrick McCrystle


Anonymous said...

The Bellarmine machine. Great job, great interview coach.

Dan T. said...

I have covered several meets over the last few months and seen the sparkle in the eyes of the athletes I have talked to when I ask them what being able to compete means to them. My respect to coaches, administrators, volunteers and meet directors for putting in the work to allow these competitions to start taking place again is profound. Meets are not the most important thing, but if we can figure out how to do one thing, we can figure out how to do others. Most programs don't have the number of athletes or the support that programs like Dublin or Bellarmine have, so please consider reaching out to your coaches to see if you can help in any way, it could be a difference maker and not just in sports, but academics, in helping the students have the opportunity to experience a sense of normalcy that was taken from them.

Menlo XC/Track Coach said...

What they both said ^
Coach Pat's interview says it all...Congrats & thanks for doing all you can for the kids because at the end of the day, it's all about them.


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