Monday, February 08, 2021

Claiming your profile on MileSplit

I’ve been reaching out to coaches asking for their help as we look to connect more high school cross country and track and field athletes to our website. 

I am reaching out to ask for your assistance in getting athletes in your program to claim their profiles on

As with the MileSplit registration I emailed about a few weeks ago, this too is free.

When athletes claim their profiles on MileSplit, the results and rankings are more accurate, the content is easier to find, and all of it can be personally delivered to inboxes. 

It is super easy to do! Please share these four steps with your athletes:

1. Create a login on MileSplit by going to
2. Search for your athlete profile by clicking search in the upper right corner.
3. Type your first/last name and click on your athlete profile. 
4. Click the “Claim Profile” button. 

That's it!

Thank you very much for supporting MileSplit!


Anonymous said...

Albert, any reason you're promoting a commercial website like MileSplit? And in a manner that makes it look like the request is coming from you and not them? Maybe there's an argument that MileSplit is good for the sport, but I'm not seeing it. They charge silly amounts for access to a lot of "their" data (which isn't their data), videos and coverage, and that's fine for them but I don't know why we should encourage suckering high school runners to flesh out MileSplit's commercial services.

Albert Caruana said...

I have been writing for milesplit for over five years. There are plenty of free articles and data should you choose not to pay.

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