Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Back in the running: First regional CIF event since COVID was muddy good time in El Dorado



Anonymous said...

A few questions:
1. How did athletes get uniforms?
2. Who cleared them to participate (grades, physicals, etc)?
3. Is this a private school site?
4. How did athletes get to the meet?
5. I though SJS guidelines did not allow spectators? How was this enforced on an open course?
6. Per youth guidelines athletes are not allowed to change cohorts. No athletes are in club sports (like soccer)? Who is tracking this?

Anonymous said...

You see Santa Clara county only allowing competition if teams remain 25 feet apart at all times including competition? Better get out fast, no one can pass you or their season is over. Lol. Better off just saying no sports.

Anonymous said...

@5:57pm Let's not make this overly complicated. The schools can and do handle uniforms, clearing the kids, etc, just like they always do. At our school we are also confirming with the kids and parents about outside activities. These were mostly public schools at this meet and it was held on a public school campus. Can't speak to SJS guidelines, but Calif rules allow spectators from households like parents. Let's face it, managing numbers of spectators in cross country is not normally a major issue anyway. I think the bigger problem with open courses right now is getting permits to hold races from the park authorities. We'll see in the next few weeks how that goes.

Anonymous said...

@9:32am. Yeah, just saw it, what a joke. No matter your politics or views on dealing with covid, it makes no sense to have wildly different rules within the same region. So now neighboring San Mateo County, Alameda County, Santa Cruz County, etc are a go but not Santa Clara County. This means that a school like Menlo-Atherton HS in San Mateo County can compete but Palo Alto HS, which is 2 miles down the road and really the same community but for the county line, cannot. There's no science that supports that approach.

Anonymous said...

Our league is doing a series of weekly dual meets with the other teams, and a league champs at the end, only if the state allows 6 teams in a competition. End of season.

As our coach said, we can control the competition protocol, but with XC it will be hard to control the spectators. He can control our home course, and urge the visiting spectators to wear masks. But when we travel to the more rural team's course, where mask wearing is not as common, all we can do is protect ourselves.

Anonymous said...


Not over complicating anything. These are questions my AD asked when I shared the link with them. If people would share it may help others. As of now just saying you can control outside factors (with no plan) means XC doesn’t help XC get the ok to start

Anonymous said...

I think the biggest issue is transportation. Parents have to drive their own child & no car pool. How do you enforce that? Not only that kids parent works gets left at home. That stinks.

Rob Collins said...

Here in Colorado, we did several different things.

50 athletes Total for Varsity Races regular season (No JV, but found other meets for them)
75 Regional Championship
100 State Championships

1st: (Small Schools) 1A & 2A Scored 4 raced 5 for Varsity. 3A,4A,5A (Larger schools) Scored 5 raced 6.
2nd: Wave Start (30sec, 45sec, 1min, 2min, 3min) did all. Liked the 30sec staggered start the best. Timing system worked well for it also.
3. Pending on how many schools participated. 25 per starting line based off PR's. Each athlete had own box.
4. After each wave start next group moved up to start and so on. (There was 5 meter markers for each group behind starting line to move up.
5. Mask, athletes wore mask until gun/whistle went off. They either carried them, tuck them or hanged around neck. They had to put them on right away after race. Coaches were not aloud to hold mask and take them.
6. USA Officials were our meet refs.
7. Coaches, parents, spectators were not aloud near the start and finish line period. 100m distance. They tried at first to keep spectators from coming but it didn't work. So eventually were aloud as long as they had mask and were in designated places. (Worked well)
8. Teams not using timing system for Duals. (Old way) can still 30sec staggered with stop watch for each start.
Each wave can have colored tags, bibs so you can have proper times after subtracting times.

IMPORTANT: Waves should be based of realistic times or PR's! Why, we went through a thing were someone felt each school should run there top 2 runners in first wave and so on, but the problem was those athletes got really embarrassed when they got passed by the 4th or 5th wave who sometimes was 2 to 3 minutes behind the first wave. Strength of team! There's a big difference when some schools top runner is 20 minute guy or a 28 minute girl as there top runner in the same wave as a 15/16 minute guy or a 18/20 minute girl at the start. Those individuals would run better with a pack and get pulled vs getting passed the entire meet.
Yes we saw schools still get positive results even during Cross Country and the teams were quarantined for the week and missed the next meet.

NEXT: Yes you can control the spectators. Parents want their son or daughter to participate in sports. So they will respect the rules. It really comes from the coaches and their communication on how it is important to follow the rules. Parents did follow the rules even as we got up to the Championships.

When we got to Regionals Section. Race time was pretty specific when to show up. We were not aloud on the same course or meet when Div3, Div4 & Div5 was there. We had to wait until they left. They had specific times for each of us to show up and they were very tough on this. To also control how many athletes, spectators, workers, officials, Medics that can be there. State was the same way.

I know I'm missing something. But it worked and glad we had a season.

Best of luck! Glad to see you finally have something going. For us here in Colorado. Track doesn't start until May and ends in late June. We are out of school end of May!

Hank said...

As for Santa Clara county the rules seem to be changing hourly. The SCVAL had a 2 hour zoom meeting last night with the commissioner on as well. In that 2 hours the commissioner got different emails or texts that changed the rules 3 times. So we set up a meet schedule that can be run virtually or as duals/tris that can be changed that day - flexibility is the word for this xc season.


Anonymous said...

A few questions; Has the Cupertino district & superintendent supported athletes competing while no on site for learning? Do you know what percentage of families are wanting to participate? I’m guessing many will not allow their child to do it. What are the numbers like? Are coaches getting the full stipend? How will transportation be handled? Are coaches in charge of enforcing COVID protocols? What happens when someone gets sick. Is the whole team (since they are a cohort) quarantined for 10 days? If coaches don’t follow guidelines can they and the district be sued?

The scheduling is actually the easy part.

Anonymous said...

My daughter's first meet in SJS is next Saturday Feb 6th. They are only allowing dual meets. Not sure how many though.

She also swims so even though the seasons don't overlap, she might only be able to do XC this year, because of the 1 sport rule.

Anonymous said...

No one is answering the hard questions. Are people just doing whatever?

Albert Caruana said...

Those are questions for your coach, school administrators and county officials.

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