Monday, May 04, 2020

Fastest dual meet 3200m/2 mile runs for boys

The following is a question from Jim Crowhurst. Anybody know of a faster dual meet time?
While I was researching our areas fastest 3200m times I became curious about something.

We had a good runner in our area, now 13 th best performance for use. 
Who I noticed had two fast times in dual meets and on dirt tracks.

I was wondering how many other California boys have beat his dual meet time of 9:22.77 
in a one on one dual meet. Who knows of some?

9:12.12* Bob Waldon, Montgomery, 9:15.1y 5/28/66 NCS MOC
9:13.02* Bob Waldon, Montgomery, 9:16.0y 1966 8 th State
9:14.51* Bob Waldon, Montgomery, 9:17.5y 5/21/66 NCS Div III
9:17.09* Bob Waldon, Montgomery, 9:20.1y 5/29/65 NCS MOC
9:20.77* Bob Waldon, Montgomery, 9:23.8y 1966 NBL Finals
9:21.37* Bob Waldon, Montgomery, 9:24.4y 6/5/65 4 th State
9:22.77* Bob Waldon, Montgomery, 9:25.8y 1966 vs Santa Rosa
9:23.67* Bob Waldon, Montgomery, 9:26.7y 1966 vs Hogan


Hank said...

#53 & #95 were both done at duals. I know macmitchell ran a 9:15 at a dual against paly his senior year. In the early 70's it was common to have a sub-9:20 2mile run at a dual meet.


Jordan said...

I've heard about 2... but I don't have any evidence to back one of them up. Just stories.

1. Apparently Yong-Sung Leal of Arroyo, the sophomore that won states with a 9:00 back in 2001, ran 9:19 by himself at a dual meet that year.

2. Terry Williams of Lompoc, 8:59.2 at a dual meet against Arroyo Grande in 1973. (

Anonymous said...

Blair Hurlock ran 9:06.8 in a duel meet against Livermore in 2014

John Pelster said...

I can confirm Blair's 9:06.80 FAT vs. Livermore
--John Pelster, De La Salle HS

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