Saturday, February 29, 2020

NorCal Track and Field results

Stocking "Super Seven" Invitational results

Glenn Poole Invitational results

Bellarmine Invitational results

Sactown Race F/S Meet results

Peninsula Preview Meet results

Skyline Invitational results

North Salinas Time Trials results

Steve March Relays results

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Mark Snow said...

sactown races F/S meet. at Whitney High School in Rocklin.

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you Mark. I added the link.

Coach Small said...

Don’t know if anything south of Gilroy is still considered Nor Cal by the Northerners but there were some solid early season performances at our Time Trials yesterday... most notably the starter and timing crew getting through 32 heats of the 100 meters in under 50 minutes!

Albert Caruana said...

South of Gilroy just makes the cutoff so I added your link Coach Small.

Coach Ozzie said...


You trying to challenge our per heat time at Dan Gabor? We'll see if Mario, Shannon, and Doug can do you one better this weekend. See you there and thanks for setting the bar.


D Tyree said...

Looking to next week, it seems like the Sac State Classic is going to be loaded with NorCal Talent. Top returners in the Boys 100/200: Ryan Mulholland of Del Oro. 400: Cameron Wheeler of Monterey Trail, 800: Chase Gordon of Jesuit, 1,600/3,200 Matt Strangio of Jesuit, Jamar Marshall 110/300 Hurdles and up from Fresno, Clovis North Star Caleb Foster: LJ, TJ, HH. On the girl's side I am interested to see if Columba Effiong improves upon her stellar debut season last year in the sprints and if Riley Chamberlain (3,200) and Issabella Fauria (800) are on pace to again compete for state medals in their best events.

Anonymous said...

K-Bell might end up with a really fast 1600.

Anonymous said...

D-Tyree, Don't forget about the Marauders motivated Junior class in the 1600.

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