Thursday, March 05, 2020

Cooper Teare with big PR in the mile today

Just ahead of 2016 Olympic 1500m champion, Matthew Centrowitz!

Interesting question brought up below about the fastest mile run by a Bay Area/NorCal athlete. I answered below that Matt Giusto ran 3:55.63 at Kezar Stadium in 1993. Is there someone else that has run faster?

There have been 558 American males who have run sub 4 minute miler with the first being Don Bowden's 3:58.7 in 1957. Bowden of course attended Lincoln HS in San Jose and then Cal Berkeley.

Some more additions. From the comment section below, German Fernandez ran 3:55.02 as an 18-year-old at Oklahoma St. He also ran 3:34.60 in the 1500m after he graduated from Oklahoma St.

It looks like the winner so far thanks to Mike Fanelli is Richie Boulet (Drake HS/Cal Berkeley) ran 3:53.25. Coach Boulet now coaches at Oakland Tech HS and you can find an interview I did with him at this link:

A late addition, Doug Padilla ran 3:54.2 in 1989.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering after reading the Cooper ran 3:55, who has the fastest time in the mile for any Bay area / Norcal runner? Any idea Albert or anyone ?

Albert Caruana said...

Good question. I know Matt Giusto (San Mateo HS/University of Arizona) ran 3:55.63 at Kezar in 1993.

You can check out that race on YouTube at this link:

I would have to look at the all-time list of sub 4 minute milers to see if there is anybody else. Is there someone else aside from Teare and Giusto that is faster in the mile from the Bay Area/NorCal?

Anonymous said...

Like Don Bowden 3:58.70 in 1957? :-)

pmccrystle said...

Michael Stember (J-High '96) ran 3:35.11 in the 1500, which converts to 3:52.32, but i don't know his mile PR

Albert Caruana said...

Don Bowden was the first American to break the 4-minute mile.

As for Stember, another good addition. I looked up his PRs and it looks like his fastest outdoor mile was 3:59.20 and his fastest indoor mile was 3:58.40. The link to those marks is here:

Obviously, his 1500 time is superior to both those mile times.

Unknown said...

German Fernandez ran 3:55.02 at age 18 (he was young for his grade!) to win the 2009 Big 12 Indoor title at A&M.

Unknown said...

Fernandez also ran 3:34.60 for 1500 in Berlin in 2012, the summer after graduating from Ok State.

Unknown said...

Doug Padilla (Marina HS, San Leandro; Chabot JC) ran 3:54.2 in '89 in Westwood.

Anonymous said...

Are all Sac Joaquin Section schools considered Norcal? If so, Atwater Alum, Abraham Alvarado broke 4 last month.

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