Saturday, February 15, 2020

Section previews going up on MileSplitCA

All will be posted at this LINK including SF, SJS and CCS previews which you can find at the top of the page.


Dan T said...

Really excited for the upcoming track season. We have some incredible athletes, including multiple state champions. Could be a historic season for SJS track and field athletes.

Anonymous said...

Also, looking forward to track! Since there are so many returning SJS champions, it will interesting to see how strong they come back this year.

Klos from Vista Del Lago, is doubtful for track since soccer is her main sport, her HS team wraps up in March and her club team commitments end mid-may. This might be smart since track hammers the body more than XC and who would want to risk injury with the talent she has?

Albert Caruana said...

If I remember correctly, I believe Alexandra Klos was planning on competing on the VDL track team. I am assuming that there was juggling between XC and soccer in the fall and the plan is to make it work once again in the spring. Considering her success in XC, I would think that she would have to at least give track competition a go.

Dan T said...

Obviously priorities could change, but when I interviewed Klos after the CIF Cross Country meet, her intention was to run track as much as her schedule allowed. I have talked to her several times and I got the sense that she enjoyed trying to take on multiple challenges, trying new things. As much as she had been a one sport athlete, I think (just my observation) she found value in mixing it up and that she enjoyed adding some variety. And as much as she committed to U of Santa Clara to play soccer, it's not binding at this point and she could find that track/cross country could open even more doors to her and give her options she didn't know she had.

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