Saturday, July 21, 2018

Former Scotts Valley runner Vanessa Fraser runs 15:09.62 5K

Scotts Valley '13 graduate Vanessa Fraser was a 2-time Ca state champion in cross country in Division IV. She also qualified for 3 state championships in the 3200m with 3rd place finishes at those 3 qualifying meets and 4:54.32 and 10:28.63 personal bests. She may have also been overshadowed during her high school career by Nikki Hiltz and Anna Maxwell who all ran in the SCCAL. 

Fraser continued to develop as a runner at Stanford University and was one of their top distance runners the past few seasons. 

She has continued to race well after her NCAA season ended this season and recorded a 4:09.74, 1500m PR on July 14th. Today, Fraser finished in 7th place in the women's 5K with a new PR and Stanford record 15:09.62 at the Nacht van de Atletiek in Heusden, Netherlands. 


Anonymous said...

Great race for Vanessa and the rest, but someone needs to tell Shelby to lay off the sauce, it's becoming much too obvious now. That's right, I said it, you know you are thinking it too!

Albert Caruana said...

I think anytime somebody starts to run fast and break records, they become a suspect. Whether fair or not, that comes along with running fast. Hopefully, Shelby is clean and is benefitting from staying healthy and increased mileage.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it'a just the running fast that is the issue, it's everything. The way she closed that 3:57 in Lausanne, the way her appearance has drastically changed, a 26 second PR in the 5k, in a race where 6 women all went under 15:10 and still got smoked by at least 26 seconds. She has teammates that are essentially getting the same training and they are not showing the progression that she has shown. One cannot help but wonder if what we are seeing is truly organic or something else.

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