Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A look back at CCS this past season

I am working on an article looking back at this past CCS season. If you had to pick one male and one female as Track and Field athletes of the year, who would you choose? What were the most impressive performances this past season? Who were the biggest surprises? Who are the best returning athletes?

Here is the link to the article:

Please add other athletes that you feel deserved mention in the comment selection below.

Coming up, I will do the same for NCS and SJS. Please add your nominations for athletes of the year in those sections as well as the best of the underclassmen that should be mentioned as well.


pmccrystle said...

Boys: Jason Gomez (Alex Enos second)
Girls Jazlynn Shearer (triple scorer, doube medalist at State finals!!) (Mari Friedman 2nd)

Anonymous said...

Seniors: Gomez, Miranda
Juniors: MacKenzie, Colonna
Soph: MacQuiddy, Garcia
Frosh: Peattie

Brian Gunn said...

Christopher Pearson (Dublin) went from being a top sophomore to a contender for the State champion in the 1600. His 1:55, 4:12, and 9:18 are the most surprising and impressive marks of the year.

Anonymous said...

Chris is not in the CCS. And although impressive, Chris' marks are not entirely surprising to those who get to watch him race regularly.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with athlete of the year. Here’s my other awards

Sprints: Nick Trofort/Jazlyn Shearer
Distance: Jason Gomez/Mari Freeman
Jumps: Alex Enos/Arianna Fisher
Throws: Elijah Folau/Carly Watts
Relays: Serra boys 4x4/Santa Cruz girls 4x800

And can Hank please put an asterisk next to all new job LJ & TJ additions to the all-time list that took place at Los Gatos (or better yet not add them in). Clearly those are not valid marks and should be kept out of the record books.

Anonymous said...

@1:25 I think the other comment section says Hank has retired. Who is going to keep the records and assign the asterisks?

Anonymous said...

Per his announcement on his site he is still adding marks to the all-time lists and tracking down CCS history. He will also post any current info and results people send him but he is not putting energy into tracking people down.

Hank said...

Why are the marks from LG not valid?


Anonymous said...

The pit was 18 inches below the ground. Everyone jumping there has not come within a foot of the marks there.

Hank said...

OK, so I was at LGHS tonight and here are the facts that I found...
1) Pit is 10" deep from bottom of pit to surface level of runway.
2) Sand was at 5" below surface level of runway (as of 6-21-18).
3) Not all marks on the All Time Top 100 have been verified to be done at pits where the sand is at surface level.
4) The All Time list is something that I created and maintained - it is not a CCS sanctioned list.
5) The excel file with the Top Marks can be found at the link where the All Time Marks are listed - feel free to down load the file and create and post your own lists.

hank - out

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