Thursday, June 21, 2018

2018 North Coast Section Pre-Season Rankings

The annual NCS pre-season rankings are on the way. Detailed breakdowns of each division will be posted which will include all the favorites and leading contenders for the upcoming season.

For now, here are the divisions for the upcoming season:

Some notable teams have moved divisions and will be huge factors in their new division.
Dublin and Amador Valley will now compete in Division I.
Livermore moves back down to Division II.
McKinleyville moves back up to Division IV.
Healdsburg moves down to Division V which means Gabrielle Peterson in a new division.

If you have any insight in any of the divisions, please feel free to comment below.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see two very quality teams represent Division 1 this year. D2 becomes more competitive for the final qualifier and both Amador and Dublin could be top 10 teams at the D1 meet. Good move by the NCS

Albert Caruana said...

Dublin and Amador Valley are now 2 of the 8 largest schools in NCS which is why they moved up to Division I.

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